The Best Times to Purchase from Avon, Bath & Body Works and Sephora

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Just because your money is sparse doesn’t mean you have to look the part. You can still purchase beauty products at discount and clearance prices. Three major bath and beauty retailers, Avon, Bath & Body Works, and Sephora, have money saving discounts that allow you to stay beautiful all year long.


Perhaps the best known private label beauty retailer, Avon offers savings through their campaign brochures handed out by their sales representatives. What many do not know is that Avon’s online store actually has even greater savings than their brochures. You can sign up with and begin receiving periodic emails highlighting current savings and even free shipping offers.

Avon has frequent savings throughout the year. Their best deals occur around holidays, end of a season, and the end of year. The prime time to stock up on beauty supplies from Avon is the end of the year. Typical sales that can save you a lot of money are:

  • Makeup sales starting at $0.99 with buy one get one free savings
  • Skin care bundles typically beginning with 3 piece sets for $9.99
  • Bath and body buy one get one free savings, 3 for $9.99, and bath bundles starting at $9.99
  • Fragrance bundles and gift set savings beginning at $10.00

Bath & Body Works (B&BW)

While not a budget friendly retailer for skincare and make-up, Bath & Body Works is a savings heavy hitter for bath and body products. B&BW offers year round savings on their signature collection bath products. Twice a year B&BW offer additional savings around Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Most of their bath and body products will typically sell at 3 for $30.00. When bought during these optimal savings times at B&BW one can stock up on their favorite scents for several months without significantly hurting the pocketbook.


Those who have heard of this beauty retailer probably will not think of it as providing savings. Maybe they should think again. Sephora has a membership program called The Beauty Insider which provides additional savings to its members. Sephora offers luxury beauty products from brands such as Korres, Philsophy, Stella McCartney, and Murad at discounted prices. You can also find gift sets of the luxury brands in price ranges as low as $25.00 or less.

In addition to the luxury brands sold on Sephora, the retailer also has their own private label merchandise. The Sephora brand is equal in quality to its luxury counterparts but is offered at roughly half the price and with more product quantity. Sephora’s best times of the year to acquire savings is around Mother’s Day and the Christmas Holiday.

These are three of the better beauty retailers around which offer quality products at very good savings. While you can find good deals at almost anytime of the year, you now know the pivotal times that offer the best savings. So find an Avon representative, visit a Bath & Body Works or Sephora store or even better, visit these three retailers online. See for yourself the deals and savings to be had and know that while beauty does come at a price, it does not have to be an expensive one.

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