At Home Spa Day on a Budget

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During tough economical times, a lot of pressure is placed on both working women and stay-at-home mothers. Trying to manage spending, dealing with more demands at work, and raising a family probably have a lot of you wanting to scream that old TV ad, “Calgon take me away!” Many of you probably used to take a day or two off or maybe spent a weekend from time to time at a spa to rejuvenate yourselves and relax. However, with budgets having very little wiggle room these days you may feel that those blissful spa days are on hiatus. Technically, this may true as far as going to an actual spa is concerned, but the pampering received at those spas can be had at home for a fraction of the price.

Setting the Mood

First thing that needs to happen for your budget spa day is you need to have your home or at least your bedroom and bathroom to yourself. Make use of aromatherapy by lighting some scented candles or incense, and play your favorite relaxing music. If you rent from a place that does not allow candles or incense to be lit, a battery operated scented oil fan air freshener and soft lighting are convenient and ideal.

A Day of Beauty

Many women enjoy the beauty regimens they receive at a spa. Facials, manicures, pedicures, salt scrubs, mud baths, and seaweed wraps leave many looking radiant after leaving the spa. You can receive similar benefits at home and save money in the process. You can give yourself a manicure and pedicure at home. Prepare a hand soak for your hands with warm, lightly sudsy water. To help soften your hands add a few drops of baby oil, essential oil, or bath oil to your hand soak. Moisturize your hands, remove or push back cuticles, file, buff, and paint your nails. If you have a foot bath, soak your feet in the bath with a few bath salts. Dry your feet off, smooth lotion on them, file, and paint your toenails however you would like.

Giving yourself a facial can be a rejuvenating experience that renews the appearance. Open your pores with steam by taking a basin of steaming hot water with a few drops of eucalyptus or citrus oil added, place a towel over your head, and bend your head over the basin. Keep the towel-covered head over the steam for 10 minutes. When you are finished, pat your face dry with a clean towel. Also, a deep cleansing mask to tighten those pores back up and remove dead skin cells helps the face look firmer and younger.

A warm to moderately hot bath is an ideal way to relax tired, aching muscles and joints while you cleanse your body. Many budget friendly options to make the bath more enjoyable are to incorporate:

  1. Powdered milk, flower petals, and coconut oil mixed in the bath to soften and keep skin smooth and scented.
  2. Cut up fresh citrus fruit into the bath water with a few drops of baby oil or lavender oil to invigorate the senses and moisturize the body.
  3. Mineral salts, bath oil, and bubble bath to soften the water and your skin keeping it soft and supple.
  4. If your bath tub is deep enough to sink deeper into, keep your facial mask on and place a slice of cucumber or a green tea bag over each eye and relax.

Engaging Your Significant Other Has Added Benefits

You can operate your at home spa day solo or enlist the help of your significant other. Having your significant other assist you in your pampering can be rewarding for you both. Things your mate can assist you with are:

  1. Washing your hair and massaging your scalp.
  2. Massaging your hands and feet.
  3. Applying and massaging a body scrub into your skin.
  4. Drawing your relaxing bath.
  5. Giving you a sponge bath.
  6. Toweling you off.

All of this money saving pampering can have a beneficial side effect for the two of you later in the evening.

The Potential Savings

Day spa prices are expensive and to have the same or similar services at a day spa runs a minimum $200.00 which does not include taxes, fees, and tips. A DIY spa day uses many resources you already have at home, such as your own beauty and bath products. Additional costs may result with the purchase of essential oils , which may cost between $10.00 and $25.00 from a natural foods store, candles and incense which can cost from $1.00 to $20.00 but can be found at most retailers, and flower petals which may cost around $24.00. Looking at the high end of your out of pocket cost, your at home day spa could total approximately $69.00. Compared to $200.00 or more at a local day spa, you could save at minimum $131.00.

If you prefer to be pampered away from the home, then your local day spa is the ideal solution. If you just need to be pampered for a few hours and want to save money, then do it yourself from the comfort of your own home. DIY at home spa days are a relaxing alternative for your body and your bank account. Take full advantage of the benefits.