Try Side Odd Jobs for Money: Perfect for College Students or Those Recently Unemployed

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Odd Jobs that Don’t Require a Computer or the Internet

Not everyone turns to their computer as a potential income-generating source after they’ve been laid off. For some, the siren song of outdoor work and face to face interaction is much stronger. There are many odd jobs you can find from your friends, neighbors and community after a job loss. By posting ads in your local classifieds, on Craigslist, at your local library or community center, you can begin making money immediately from the following activities. These ideas are also great for college students or those looking to make a little extra income.

Don’t Let the Dogs Walk You

Become a dog walker. Having a back yard is not enough stimulation for most dogs. Dogs are smart and they need different sights, smells and sounds in order to remain mentally engaged. As a dog walker, you not only relieve some of the pressure on the dog’s owner, you also may improve the quality of a dog’s life. Be sure to test each dog’s reaction to other dogs in a safe environment before walking multiple dogs together.

Pet Sit for Pay

Open a pet sitting service. Vacation and business travel will always be a factor in our society, even during an economic downturn. As a pet sitter, you not only help a pet owner avoid all the germs and expense of a boarding house, but you also stop in and check on the traveler’s home to make sure it is secure.

Run Errands

Start a personal errand service. Many people don’t have time to pick up their groceries and dry cleaning, run their car to the detailer’s, shop for Birthday gifts, etc. Starting your own personal errand service is a great way to provide a helpful service with endless potential. You can get your clients started with your own ideas for errands, but eventually you’ll find that there are a whole host of other errands and tasks that people hate doing and will gladly pay you to do.

Dirty Jobs Pay

Get your hands dirty and offer some landscaping and/or cleaning work. You will find that many residents on your block loath the thought of cleaning gutters, washing windows, raking leaves, painting the exterior of their home, re-sodding plant beds, mowing lawns and more. If you are healthy and enjoy more physical labor, you can easily offer these services to your neighbors. If you are a homeowner, chances are you already have the equipment necessary to complete these jobs.

Become a Commodity

Once you get started on any of these paths, if you do a quality job and prove yourself reliable, you will find the word of mouth spreads and your service area will grow well beyond your immediate community.

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