A Closer Look at the Benefits of Using eFile for a Tax Return

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Once a year people all over the United States begin the process of filing their income tax returns to the federal government. The post office plans extra long days and extended hours in order to meet the people’s need to send away their income tax returns. With the invention of e-filing, or electronic filing, taxes are easier and safer to file today than ever before. The electronic nature of the e-filing system leaves some people scared to use the process. Today, e-filing is a safe and effective alternative to paper income tax returns that comes with many benefits.

Lost Mail Forgotten

The United States Postal Service is not without flaws. When a tax return is mailed via the USPS, there is always the chance that the paper return will get lost among the millions of other tax returns being filed on paper. The e-filing system offers a paperless alternative reaching the IRS in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Shorter Refund Waits

Due to the fact that the IRS does not have to hand key and verify the income tax return that is processed via e-filing, the time between filing and the receipt of an income tax return is much shorter. Some people will receive a refund within the first two weeks of filing as opposed to waiting a month or more for a refund from a paper income tax return.

Saving the Environment

In the green eyes of today’s consumer, the thought of reducing the number of paper pages being printed for physical income tax returns is a huge benefit on it’s own. The e filed tax return requires no paper and thus no trees and carbon footprint on the Earth.

Increased Accuracy

One of the worst feelings in the world is opening a letter from the Internal Revenue Service when it says there are mistakes on the income tax return you filed for this year. If the mistakes are bad enough, the IRS reserves the right to audit your personal income taxes. e-filing software and online websites process income tax returns with accuracy checks to ensure the tax return sent to the IRS via e-filing is 100% accurate.

Your income tax return is safer, faster and more accurate when the income tax e-filing system is used to process your personal or business income tax return.