Stop Eating Lunch Out at Work: Save Money by Making & Bringing Your Own Lunch

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Save Money By Making Lunch

If you are like most people, you wish that you had a few extra bucks every now and then. You may not realize but by making and bringing your own lunch to work instead of eating lunch out at work can save you a great deal of cash.

So you’re in work and your stomach starts rumbling. You think about what you want for lunch, but do you think about how much it will cost you? Amazingly many people don’t understand how much money they can save by not buying lunch on their breaks, because they just assume it is a necessity. Well, it’s actually more a luxury.

Sure, you need to eat at lunch, but you do not have to buy $20 or $30 sushi every other day. Think about it. Multiply $20 by every day of the week that you eat out (most people it is everyday) and you could be looking at anywhere from $100 to $150 you are spending on lunch.

Maybe you only go to a deli and buy a sandwich or salad everyday, that costs roughly anywhere from $5 to $10. By just buying a salad or sandwich, that you could make yourself, you are spending about $25 to $50 a week. and if you still do not think that is too bad, just look at it in the long run. If you spend just $25 a week you are spending $125 a month.

So what do you do? Instead of eating lunch out at work, buy food in bulk at the grocery store and make your own lunch. You can buy all the fixings for a sandwich for less than it may cost you for just one sandwich at a deli. You can also make your own salad and bring it in to work instead of buying one, where many places weigh your salad and you end up spending way too much money on just lettuce.

Left overs are also a great idea for lunch. If you made lasagna last night, then you can bring in a piece for lunch today. This way you save money, and really look forward to your meal.

Saving money is easier than one thinks, especially if all it takes is to bring your own lunch instead of buying it. Planning ahead will help you save money now and in long run, too.