Making Money Online: Freelance Writing & Selling Crafts Online

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Online Revenue for Writers

There are many websites for folks with a talent for writing to get paid to write. The easiest site is Associated Content. Associate Content requires no application, no resume, and no formal writing experience. Simply go to the website and join, then start writing! You can write articles they have suggested, or you can create your own. The articles they have suggested are referred to as, “Calls for Content” and there is an upfront fee paid for their creation. The upfront fee ranges from $2.00 to $4.00, and writers will also be paid for page views. Your work will be reviewed by an editor and must meet quality standards before you will be paid.

If write and submit articles with topics of your choice, you can be paid with an upfront payment and page views or in page views alone. If you choose to be paid in page views only, you retain the rights to your article and can post it on additional sites. If you choose an upfront payment, an editor will review your article and make an offer. Payments made by Associated Content are generally done within a week of article submission and can be immediately transferred to your Paypal account.

Online Revenue for Crafters

If you are crafty with scrapbooking, candle or soap making, jewelry making etc. you can sell your crafts on or is a large auction site that allows you to sell your crafts via online auction or as, “Buy It Now” deals. is large, has good advertising and is relatively inexpensive in terms of fees and commissions. Your auctions can last up to 7 days and you will be charged listing fees even if your item doesn’t sell. is a community-focused online retail site on which you can set up a store for your crafts. is known for its vintage and craft items, so the marketing is geared toward buyers of those products. When you get your shop, you are charged $0.20 to list an item for four months and a 3.5% transaction fee when it sells. It is more economical to sell crafts through than through, although may not be quite as well known.

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