How Do I Find a Company's Tax ID Number: Uncover the Steps

How Do I Find a Company's Tax ID Number: Uncover the Steps
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If you are wondering, “How do I find a company’s tax ID number online?” you can find the answer in the records each state keeps on business registrations and licenses. Whether you search online or by calling the Secretary of State, you can search by company name, the Doing Business As name of the business (DBA), the business address, the registered agent or another variable to identify the tax identification (ID) number of the business.

For example, Florida uses its website, which is a searchable database of businesses in the state. From the individual business records, forms and files that the state keeps, you can also identify and obtain the tax ID number for the business.

Identify the Business Registration Website

To find a company’s tax ID number, go to the Secretary of State website for the state where the business is registered. If it is a business operating in your own state, then this is the state website you want to search. If you are not sure which state the business is registered, start by identifying the address of the business or start with your own state to see if you can find the tax ID number for the business. Once you find the website for the state, look for a link that allows you to search the records or look up a business.

Determine Search Criteria

Most likely, you will search for the business by name. If you have other information on the business, such as the address or the name of the owner, then most sites also allow you to search using this information instead. Once you get to the search page of the business website, enter the name of the business or the other search criteria into the online form. When you hit the submit button, the site will list any businesses registered in the state that fit your search criteria. If there is more than one business in the list, narrow down your options with the other information you have until you find the business for which you seek the tax ID number.

Choose the Business Record

Click on the link or button that allows you to open the business record. Once you pull up the record for the business, the tax identification number is listed. For example, a corporation that has Articles of Incorporation on file with the state should include the tax ID number for the business. States may have various forms on file for the business, all of which should be viewable online. If one document does not contain the tax ID number, then review the other documents on file.

Business information such as the tax ID number is a requirement for a business to register with the state where its main headquarters is located. This information is also available to the public such as consumers. One piece of this information is the company’s tax ID number, which is easily obtainable from the website of the Secretary of State where the business is registered.