Investing in Bonds – Corporate, US Governement, and Municipal

Interested in investing? Wondering what bonds to choose? These how-to articles and tips on bonds and bills are written with the investor in mind. If you've never heard of, or confused by the term 'tresury bill', you can get started learning about treasury bills. You'll also find tips for bond investors and articles about choosing the right bond for your needs. If you don't know what ratings mean for different bonds, check out an article about understanding bond ratings to help you learn.

Treasury Yield Curve Explanation

The yield curve plots interest rates comparing rates with time to maturity. However, the yield curve is more than a simple graph. The shape and slope of the curve is an indicator of current and future economic conditions.

Criteria for Assessing SRI Bond Funds

Bonds should be a part of any investor’s portfolio and investors have a lot of choices today with specialty bond funds, such as SRIs. However, does an investor have to forsake good returns to invest with their conscience? Here is a set of criteria to evaluate current SRI bond funds on all fronts.

Government Bonds: Types of Savings Bonds

U.S. savings bonds are a safe way to set up a savings plan with amounts starting at $25. However, savings bonds are not just for kids’ college savings plans. These can pay attractive, tax-advantaged rates of interest, prompting many investors to learn about the different types of savings bonds.

Investing Basics: How Bond Duration Works

Bond investing can become a little more complicated than checking yields and deciding whether or not to buy the bond or bond fund. Bond duration is a great analysis tool which helps an investor predict how a bond or fund portfolio will react to changes in interest rates.

Trading: How to Short the Bond Market

Short selling the bond market produces trading profits if bond prices decline. The steps for how to short the bond market require an understanding of bond prices, interest rate relationship and which securities to use to short bonds.

How Bond Market Prices are Determined and Calculated

Bond prices can involve many factors, but they you don’t have to consider them to be too arcane to be understood. Understanding basic terms like par value, premiums, discounts, yield to maturity, coupon rate, and accrued interest can go a long way in helping to understand the more complex concepts.

What are Three Types of Bonds to Invest In

Investors interest in bond should first understand the different types of bonds. The three classes of bonds provide a wide range of income and investment safety options. So, what are three types of bonds that will help investors?

What is a Tax Exempt Bond Fund?

What is a Tax Exempt Bond Fund? Why are tax exempt bond funds preferred by wealthy investors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in municipal bonds or munis?

How Do Treasury Bonds Work

When it comes to investing, there is no safer investment than Treasuries. However, it isn’t just that simple. There are multiple types of treasuries including T-Bills, Notes and Bonds. Here is how Treasury Bonds work.

How Bonds Are Taxed Income Taxes Tax Free Munis

Bonds are an important part of most investor’s portfolios. However, some bonds can cause tax problems, while others provide tax-free interest income. Understanding how both government bonds and corporate bonds are taxed is key.