List of Free Stock Purchase Price Research Options

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You want to successfully complete stock purchase price research and prefer not to rely on a stockbroker or other investment professional. This is a good plan; you alone know your personal spending plan and investment goals and should take charge of what stocks you buy and when. While a qualified professional can sometimes give you valuable tips, the bottom line is you control your financial decisions. No one can predict the financial destiny of each investor; researching stocks yourself enables you to make informed decisions that may reap countless financial benefits in the years to come.

Many seasoned investors will recognize the name Morningstar; this website is one of the best places to research stock options and prices. Morningstar not only offers plenty of graphs and charts for you to calculate potential returns and losses, but also a wealth of articles that may help you save time and money.

While BigCharts doesn’t offer the name recognition that Morningstar boasts, this is still a potentially valuable free resource for your stock research objectives. The website not only offers plenty of charts, graphs, and search engines, but also breaking news articles chock full of potential investment tips.

Quote is a simple site with a lot of potential research power, especially for beginning investors. The home page offers the usual assortment of graphs, charts, articles, and search engines. However, Quote also has some free downloads from noteworthy financial writers from publications such as “Forbes” as well as detailed accounts of the current biggest stock gains and losses.

MSN Money

Some people may prefer to stick with a more recognized name; MSN Money fits that bill with its Stock Research Wizard feature. The wizard especially helps investors research five core issues related to stock purchases, which are as follows: fundamentals, price history, price target, catalysts, and comparison. You may want to use this simple yet powerful tool in conjunction with one or more of the aforementioned sites, especially if you’re looking for additional resources like articles.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance offers more name recognition with a few extras. You can also use their Stock Research Center to research mutual funds, options, and bonds if you’re hoping to expand your investment portfolio. This website also is a great resource to quickly view annual reports for a number of companies.


Using one or more of the previously mentioned websites in your stock purchase price research will give you a broader perspective of individual companies, stock prices, and the stock market in general. Overall, if it doesn’t feel like the right investment for you or you simply don’t understand it; don’t do it. You can’t control the stock market’s fate but you can control your own investment decisions.