Best Free Desktop Stock Ticker For Tracking Your Stock

Best Free Desktop Stock Ticker For Tracking Your Stock
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Desktop Stock Tickers

A desktop stock ticker, or crawl, can be a handy tool for traders and investors to monitor their investments while accomplishing other tasks on the computer. They are customizable to reflect the user’s preferences, desired stock symbols, and can provide both real-time and delayed quotes. Here are the best real time stock tickers for desktop. If you want more information on trading stocks, be sure to check out Brighthub’s selection of articles on this topic.

Top 5 Best Free Stock Tickers

You need a desktop stock ticker, a good one. No, you need the best. Here are the Top Four Best Free Desktop Stock Tickers.

  1. Free Stock Ticker
  2. Yahoo! Stock Ticker
  3. CoolTick
  4. Market Browser

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Free Stock Ticker

Maybe the best free desktop stock ticker, Free Stock Ticker provides an unlimited amount of symbols and near real-time price data. Using Yahoo! Finance as its data engine, Free Stock Ticker is fully customizable and can be resized to work on any desktop configuration. It offers an adjustable scroll speed and updates automatically. [caption id=“attachment_171598” align=“aligncenter” width=“740”]

Yahoo! Stock Ticker

While we’re on the subject of Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! offers their own desktop stock ticker. Boasting a different look and feel than Free Stock Ticker, Yahoo! Stock Ticker is more like a CNBC summary screen. Obviously based on the Yahoo! Finance engine, the quotes are near real time.


If you’re looking for a funky, but very functional, desktop stock ticker then CoolTick might be just the ticket. Offering many different fonts and alarm bells that go off when a high or low is achieved, CoolTick is a very popular desktop stock ticker. The one drawback to the free version is that it is limited to only two stock symbols. By registering the shareware and paying a one-time $19.95 fee, the software is unlocked and will display an unlimited number of symbols.


MarketBrowser is a great desktop stock ticker for technical analysts. In addition to providing stock quotes, when a user clicks on a symbol the program opens a screen with 12 different charts on the stock. Very handy for traders who rely on technical analysis more so than fundamental.