Forex Trading Guide: Ten Ways to Learn and Improve Your Results

Forex Trading Guide: Ten Ways to Learn and Improve Your Results
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Trader Basics

Foreign currency exchange – forex – allows traders to profit from the changes in value between different currencies such as the U.S. dollar. Forex trading by individuals has exploded in recent years due to the ease of getting started trading online, the small amount of money needed to get started and, of course, the opportunity to earn large profits.

Successful forex trading requires knowledge and practice. Read through the articles listed here to give yourself the basic knowledge to get started with your own trading program. You will find information on how the forex market functions, what makes a good forex broker, scam avoidance tactics and some trading strategies you can start using today.

Can You Trade Safely in the Forex Market?

The first lesson is to understand the risks involved in forex trading and how to control those risks. It is very possible to make money trading forex, yet many new traders never reached a level of profitablity. Learn how to protect the value of your forex trading account.

How to Begin Trading Forex

After you get an idea of the rewards and risks involved with trading in the forex market, read this article - a beginner’s guide. The article takes you through the steps to getting set up to start trading. No strategies are discussed here, just the big picture overview of what to expect as a forex trader.

Choosing a Forex Broker

There are hundreds of choices when it comes time to pick you broker. Learn the facts on how an account with a forex broker works and the details you should look at to compare brokers. There is a tremendous difference in the types of services brokers offer and the costs of trading with different brokers.

Recognizing Forex Fraud: What Signals to Watch Out For

Once you start looking for forex resources, you will find a tremendous amount of information and also a large number of online companies which want to sell training and trading programs. Some of these deals are outright scams. Read this article so you can weed out the scams from the legitimate offers. Save your money to use as trading capital.

Create Your Own Trading Plan - Tips for Beginners

To be a successful forex trader, you will need a trading plan. Even if you plan to buy a plan from an established source, understanding how a plan is put together will help you make or modify any trading plan to adapt to the type of trading which fits your goals.

What Moves Forex Markets?

Here is your first article on analyzing forex pricing for trading. Forex trading makes or loses money as the values of currencies change in relation to each other. To make money you need to understand what forces affect currency values.

Can You Tell Which Way a Currency Will Trade Today?

Click through for some tips on predicting which way our selected trading currencies will move for the day. If you can consistently analyze the daily direction, you are on your way to becoming a very profitable forex trader.

What is the Best Time for Forex Trading?

Currency trading is a global phenomenon. The banks in New Zealand, Australia and Asia open Sunday evening U.S. time and trading occurs around the clock until the U.S. banks close on Friday afternoon. This is an informative discussion on when the different markets open and close so you can pick the best trading times for your situation.

A Great Opening Strategy for the Forex Market

Now that you have built a knowledge base about forex trading, here is a trading strategy. Before you spend $500 to $2,000 on a hard sell trading strategy, try this one out and see if it is profitable for you.

Scalping – Taking Small Slices of the Forex Market for Daily Profits

A successful forex trader needs a quiver full of strategies to trade in different market conditions. Discover how scalping the market works and how you can employ a scalping strategy as part of your forex trading game plan.

How to Trade the Dollar Index

If you watch the financial news, you have probably heard of the dollar index. The index tracks a basket of foreign currencies against the U.S. dollar. You do not trade the dollar index with the typical forex broker. The dollar index is traded in the futures market and this article shows you how to get started trading the index if you want to take your forex trading to this level.

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