Apartment Buildings Investing: the Complete Guide to What You Need to Know

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Real Estate Investing

In today’s world, the economy is not always on our side. We have suffered many recession periods over the last fifty years, and many aspects of life have suffered. Today, the prices of goods and services have skyrocketed around the world. Many smart investors are begining to invest in hard assets such as real estate. Real estate opportunities produce a constant stream of income monthly.

On the first of every month, people begin by paying their mortgage or rental fee. Due to economy changes, foreclosures are at a record level. Families are not able to pay their mortgage and have food in the fridge as well. This leaves families searching for rental units. People may stop spending money on tangible items, but they will never choose to live on the streets.

Also, due to the failing economy, banks are no longer easily lending money to people. Banks are making the interest fees higher, and the length of loan time smaller, not allowing many people to qualify for loans.

Preparing to Buy an Apartment Building as an Investment

Finding the Perfect Building

  • Location is most important when investing in real estate. A good neighborhood will always bring better tenants and, of course, a higher monthly rental fee for the tenants.
  • Check the local amenities.

When looking for a rental building try:

  • Web search
  • Local newspape
  • Real estate attorneys
  • Commercial real estate broker- remember that this option will include a commission charge.

When you have found your building:

  • An inspection is a great idea. You want your investment to be structurally sound. Hiring a qualified real estate inspector is essential.
  • Find a maintenance employee. Some investors offer a discount or free rental rate for the person willing to maintain the building. These maintenance problems can usually be solved with a bit of home maintenance knowledge.

Learning about Loan Financing

When you have located a rental opportunity, your bank will help you choose the proper loan financing path. They will approve you for what they feel you can handle. Some important documents to bring along when you are applying for a loan are:

You’ll need to provide photos of the property. Photos will need to include interior photos of typical bathrooms and kitchens, not just the exterior of the property.

  • Personal Banking and Financing Statement for all people involved in this project (If you decide to invest with a partner)
  • A sales contract or letter of intent to purchase.
  • If there will be any construction involved:
  • Construction plans and a construction contract (if hiring an outside company)
  • Local market rent analysis papers
  • Copies of firm rental leases (which will eventually be supplied to tenants)

Positive Side of Investing in Real Estate

  • Investing in an apartment building provides a great return. Here is a list of reasons why:
  • Apartment buildings have a lower cost per unit than a single family home would have.
  • People who are unable to qualify for a loan will be forced to rent.
  • You can begin to profit instantly. All unit occupants will pay rent monthly, and you can use that income to live on. No extra job is required.
  • You will be able to afford a property manager. This means you will have a team who will deal with all small issues, such as minor maintenance, rental payments, and more.
  • Banks are more open to financing. Apartment buildings provide a constant stream of cash flow. It may even be possible to receive 100% financing.

Apartment buildings investing is a sound and secure option. Before investing, be prepared for a lifetime of cash flow. Your management team will be able to handle all tenant and building issues. They will come to you for large repairs or complaints. Investing in an apartment building is a great option.