What Factors Come into Play When Choosing Home Location

What Factors Come into Play When Choosing Home Location
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Location, Location, Location

Every real estate agent worth his or her salt can tell you that the three most important factors in real state are location, location and location. Even first-time home buyers and renters instinctively know that choosing a home location is probably the hardest part of the entire real estate process because this is the aspect that has the power to affect your day to day life.

Take a look at some of the considerations that can affect how you go about choosing your home location.

Proximity to Schools

You might not want to live directly opposite a school because of the noise factor and the potential traffic problems at peak hours but living in a good school district is one of the top things that people with children or even people who are planning to have a family consider when they are about to purchase a home. Because where you live can deprive your child of entering a great school, it is important to research this information before hand and then narrow your househunt to the areas you have outlined for your school search.

Proximity to Transportation or Availability of Parking

If you are searching in an urban area, proximity to public transportation may be high on your list of priorities because nobody wants to have to walk for several blocks to get to a bus stop or train station. In some cases parking spots or even a garage are on the list of factors that can affect your location because if you don’t want to give up your car, you won’t choose a place that doesn’t come with at least one assigned parking spot. This kind of amenity is extremely scarce in some cities so this would also limit your location selection.

Convenience of the Area

If the ability to walk to shops, restaurants and even parks is important to you then you will only look at locations that are close to the places that are on your list of desirables.

Crime Rate and Taxes

Safety is a major concern when deciding on a location. It pays to do your research on the crime rate in the area and you can also ask your realtor how safe the neighborhoods are if you are not from the surrounding areas. Some states have different tax rates as well and this could also factor into your decision if the move involves crossing state lines.

General Upkeep of the Area

If your potential neighbors all look like they take care of their homes and they take pride in the cleanliness and appeal of their property then this makes a good impression on any buyer or renter. As a buyer you may be especially are concerned about protecting the value of your investment in property so the maintenance of the street and the houses or properties on the block can definitely factor into your decision on a location. Some buyers even pay a premium for a location that is considered to be mature or well-developed with established homes and fully-grown landscapes.

Traffic Situation

It is a good idea to visit the potential location at different times during the day. You may not experience the brunt of the traffic if you view the property at a quiet time in the morning than if you try to get there during rush hour on a weekday.

Several factors affect choosing your home location and one might not be more important than the other. The combination of these factors however can work together to find the property that is just right for you.

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