Xtract Motorbike Shooter for Windows Mobile

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What is Xtract?

Available via FreewarePocketPC.com, Xtract is also available with some Windows Mobile ROMS (operating system installations) for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. As the game is designed for the Xperia it is most likely to run on those phones, although there are some versions of the HTC Touch HD that will also run Xtract.

It’s a fun game from the tried and tested drive and shoot-em-up genre, perfect for use on a large WVGA display. Control on the Xperia is via the optical joystick, stylus or the control pad.

Download and Install

To install, first download the game via the link either to your desktop computer or directly to your Windows Mobile device. The downloaded CAB file is 12MB, and takes up around the same once installed. To carry out installation, ensure there is a copy of the CAB file on your Windows Mobile handset, and from your mobile device browse to the file, and select to run the install procedure.

Once installation is complete, browse to the Games folder, and select the Xtract icon to launch the game.

Xtract Screenshots


Level Select

Level 1 action

Giant spider!

Shoot the drones

Frenetic Gameplay

Gameplay is fast and frenetic, with threats coming in the shape of bombs from above and giant spiders on the road. The pace of the game is quick, with a superb futuristic cityscape rushing past as the players bike drives on to its destination, so you need to be quick with your reflexes to guide the bike around the threats both aerial and on the road.

Luckily a weapon is provided, which can be fired by tapping the target with the stylus. Most enemies require multiple hits, and a good strategy is to aim at each in turn as they are more often than not attacking in staggered waves.

The manga style of the game is pretty cool, with most of the in-game art and graphics being quite striking. The varied soundtrack is very much evocative of 16 bit consoles, but this only enhances the game, sitting comfortably alongside some very impressive 3D polygon renders that give any DS or iPhone game a run for their money.

Totally Xtreme (5 out of 5)

Xtract is a superb game and is everything you could want from an arcade game designed specifically for one of the best phones on the market today.

I haven’t stopped playing it since I got it, everyone who has sene it is impressed - even the PSP and iPhone users.

It looks as though Xtract could be the first step into a fantastic new gaming arena for Windows Mobile…