Review: PdaNet for Windows Mobile

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Connectivity Options (5 out of 5)

My favorite part about PdaNet is the fact that users can connect their laptops and desktop not only via their USB cables as many other apps provide but also through Bluetooth connections and even by creating a “WiFi HotSpot.” The application has been built from the ground up which means you can connect virtually any Windows Mobile device that’s been produced over the last several years.

Connecting to your USB option is the easiest way to connect, simply launch the application and connect your device to your PC, as long as your device is receiving a data connection via your cellular carrier you’ll be connected.

Bluetooth connectivity is also a great option, for this situation you’ll need a laptop/desktop with Bluetooth abilities, if you’re device doesn’t come equipped with bluetooth you have the option of purchasing a “Bluetooth Dongle” which can be plugged into one of your USB ports, thus creating a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is a great option and if you have EDR (Enhanced Data Rates) on your Windows Mobile Device which many new units offer then your data will transfer extremely fast. I test this option on an HTC Touch Pro and 3G speeds were up and running on my laptop with ease and excellent speeds.

Finally PdaNet also allows your device to act as a WiFi Hub. In this case your device if it supports WiFi will broadcast a WiFi network signal much like the signal found on your wireless network at home, simply choose the device from your PC’s network connection options and you’ll be ready to surf the web in seconds.

Finally in terms of connectivity PdaNet allows you to make phone calls while at the same time staying connect to your computer. I only received one phone call when connected, however I was impressed with the constant connection that occurred, while my calling reception remained the same as it had without the connection running.

Whichever connection option you choose you’ll be able to surf the web, send emails and do anything else you’d normally do via your device.


I would offer screenshots but they are not really necessary, you simply install the application with one file click and setup, open the program and connect your device to your peripheral PC’s, it’s that simple! If you want to avoid paying for an additional data plan or you just need a simple connection from time to time with up to 3G speeds I highly recommend downloading and using PdaNet for your Windows Mobile Device.