Tips for Windows Phone 7: Update Apps

Tips for Windows Phone 7: Update Apps
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Manage Your Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone 7 users who download apps and games will from time to time have to update their software. This is due to new versions being released that feature bug fixes and improvements, and if you have bought or acquired a free app from the Zune Marketplace these updates are available free.

While simple to manage, downloading multiple updates might require you to connect to your local wireless internet if you have one available – if you don’t have a generous data plan, the update might prove expensive.

The simple and seamless method to upgrade your applications nevertheless means that you shouldn’t end up with apps that are hopelessly out of date.

Spotting an Update

If you use your Windows Phone 7 device regularly, spotting when an app or game needs updating shouldn’t be difficult. The Marketplace tile will have a number displayed on it, advising you of the number of updates that are pending.

There are reasons why you might not notice this – you might have the Marketplace tile right at the bottom of your Start screen, or you might have removed it completely.

In the first case, you will need to make sure you check the tile once a week or so, or even move it into a more prominent position. If the second case applies to you, you can find the link to the Marketplace by swiping right or tapping the arrow on the Start screen.

Checking Updates

To check which apps and games require updates, tap the Marketplace icon. Here you will see the usual Marketplace menu, where applications, games and music are all listed – and beneath this list you should see a notice reading 2 Updates or similar.

Tapping this link will take you to the Application Updates screen, where you will see the list of apps that require updating. If you’re unsure what the apps do, tap each one in the list in turn to remind you.

Update Apps on Windows Phone 7

There are two ways to update apps on Windows Phone 7 – an individual app update or a bulk update.

To Update All, simply follow the steps above to get to the Application Updates screen and tap Update All. This will then prompt your Windows Phone 7 device to connect and update all of the apps that are notifying that updates are available.

A single application can be updated by tapping the item in the Application Updates screen and then tapping the Update button.

If you don’t have a network connection on your Windows Phone 7 device (perhaps there is no wireless internet available or you don’t have mobile internet) then the apps will be updated the next time you connect your device to your PC and sync with the Zune desktop client.