How to Uninstall Applications from Windows Mobile Devices

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally written and published in 2008. The directions are for Windows 7 phones.

Uninstall Apps Using ActiveSync

If you’re using Windows XP or earlier, you will want to use the ActiveSync program.

Once downloaded and installed on your desktop ActiveSync uninstalls are one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted programs, simply follow the directions below and be on your way!

1. Connect your device to ActiveSync

2. Click on the “Tools” option

3. Click Add/Remove Programs

At this point you’ll see a screen that lists all of your devices programs, each program will have a checkbox to the left of the programs name and all of your programs will have a checkmark located next to their names.

4. Take out the checkmark in each program box you’d like to uninstall.

5. Click “OK”

It’s really that simple, your device will take a moment to uninstall the unwanted Windows Mobile Apps you chose and then you’re done.

Uninstall Apps Using Windows Mobile Device Center

Most new PCs ship with Windows 7, and with this operating system there is no reason to download ActiveSync because Windows 7 (and Windows Vista before it) comes standard with the Windows Mobile Device Center, a device to desktop sync application that functions in much the same way as ActiveSync 4.5.

Uninstalling apps with Windows Mobile Device Center is a simple process if you follow the quick steps below:

1. Connect your device via USB to your desktop to launch the application.

2. Click on the “Programs And Services” option

3. Click the “More” option

You will now see a program box similar to the one found with ActiveSync 4.5.

4. Each program will have a box with a checkmark, find the programs you’d like to uninstall and uncheck that box.

5. Click “OK”

The unchecked programs will now uninstall from your device, its really that simple.

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Uninstall Programs Directly From Your Windows Mobile Device

You don’t have to use a computer to delete programs from your device, if you’re on the go uninstalling apps directly from your system once again involves only a few quick steps.

1. Go to your “Start” button

2. Go to “Settings”

3. You’ll see a “System” tab, click on that tab.

4. Then go to “Remove Programs”

5. Choose the Application you want to remove and highlight it.

6. Click “Remove”

Your device will now remove the highlighted application.

Personally I usually use my computer for deleting apps just in case anything goes wrong during the uninstall process, however i’ve rarely heard of people running into Windows Mobile uninstall issues when doing so from their devices.

Three Easy Ways to Uninstall!

The 3 uninstall options listed above are the easiest ways to uninstall apps from your Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone devices.

If these steps don’t work your best bet may be to use the “Clear Storage” option on your Windows Mobile device and start your device with the standard fresh install, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

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