Top 10 Windows Mobile Based Applications - Both Freeware And Paid Software

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One huge advantage Windows Mobile has over other mobile operating systems is the vast number of add-ons, freeware applications, and paid software that is available for it. There are literally tens of thousands of programs available, and while many of those applications are useful, searching for the top upgrades can be mind boggling. That’s why i’ve put together this Top 10 list for Windows Mobile users.

Keep in mind some of the applications listed will only work on newer Windows Mobile 6.0 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating systems, while others may work fine on other versions of Windows Mobile.

The programs listed below are also in no particular order, as they each offer their own area of expertise, I simply listed them as they came to mind.

1. Top Audio Freeware For Windows Mobile 6.0 And 6.1

SRS WOW HD Audio is freeware, meaning it’s absolutely free. The program allows users to create enhanced audio offerings for their Windows Mobile based devices. The program requires at least Windows Mobile 6.0 and allows users to create a full audio spectrum, this means you can utilize your device’s speakers at one level and then use your headphones at a completely different level for better headphone output. Just like equalizers found on your computer you can easily slide around audio effects until you find the sound you’re looking for.

2. Best Video Player For WIndows Mobile Devices

If you watch a lot of videos on your cellular device there is no better player available than the TCPMP player, the application supports the top formats available including DivX, XviD, and MPEG2. The application also smooths out any hiccups normally found on devices. I tested it on an HTC TyTN II and on a slower HTC Touch with only 200mhz and the video was smooth and loaded without a problem, even when using my memory card to play the video.

3. Best Internet Browsing Application For Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1

The Opera Mini Browser has always been ahead of the Windows Mobile Internet Explorer, and now with OperaMini 9.5 mobile browsing has improved leaps and bounds. The application allows for easy zoom in and zoom out screentaps meaning you can see the whole webpage and zoom into sections.

It also allows for easy bookmarking, renders pages more quickly than other offerings and supports JavaScript and Flash applications. You literally see the web as it is intended to be seen. A must have for internet heavy users.

4. Best PC To Device Sync Option

ActiveSync is great if you want to simply transfer information between your device and your PC, with MyMobiler, however, users receive even more abilities. For instance, MyMobiler users can literally control their device from their desktop. This allows users to see their device on their desktop after the program has been installed on both their phone and their desktop. Once installed users can use their mouse to move around their phone’s operating system, and even type messages with their PC’s keyboard.

If you need to send long emails via your devices outlook but don’t have outlook access on your computer this application can go a long way, allowing your device’s Microsoft Exchange Server to be accessed via your phone, while typing long email messages via your computer. It’s also great when you need to transfer a lot of files and want to use a mouse rather than a more frustrating stylus option.

5. Best Data Management Tool - MoDaCo NoData

This application allows you to easily disable all data connections, yet you can continue to use your device’s phone features. This application is great if you’re travelling and don’t want to pay exorbitant data roaming fees. It’s a simple program that can save you thousands in data costs.

6. Best Google Offering For Windows Mobile Operating Systems- Google Maps

Google is quickly becoming the king of Freeware applications and the Google Maps mobile application leads the way. This mapping software will not only allow you to pull up locations by address, you can also use your on-board GPS to trace your route and find directions to your required locations.

The free application also takes advantage of Google’s huge database of business information, for instance you can type “Barbershop” into the Google Maps search bar and instantly find barbershops in your area. Google Maps unlike the $99 TomTom Navigator 6 software isn’t limited to 6-10 million points of interest, but rather updates as new information becomes available.

Adding to the list of Google Maps features, users can click on phone numbers that display and their phone will automatically call the location, this means you can literally make reservations and then instantly find driving directions. Google Maps is now offering voice directions as well, making it not only the best option, but a free option that blows the paid GPS market away.

The Google Maps API will also allow users to take advantage of Assisted GPS which requires a data connection and can triangulate GPS positions within a few feet when cell phone towers are present.

Since Microsoft obviously develops the Windows Mobile Live Software it should come as no surprise that the best search option for the device is their Windows Mobile Live Search Application, but it goes one step further allowing for fast and well targeted web searches, heck you can even do it hands free. First like our Google Maps application listed above, the Windows Mobile Live Search application does allow for mapping to selected locations, it even provides turn by turn directions and satellite imagery. Where it really shines though is its ability to find the cheapest gas stations in your area, while showing you movie showtimes and other up-to-the-second interactive offerings for your area.

Best of all the application can work hands free. If you’re driving you simply speak a business name or an address and the application goes to work for you. You can even search hands free on the web allowing you to use Windows Live Search to find the information you need. Using hands free search you can even look at weather, stocks, news sections and more. It’s a free application that integrates all the best of search into one easy to access, easy to install, and easy to use application.

Read on for the final three best Windows Mobile applications.

8. Best “EASY ACCESS” Contacts Management Application - iContact v0.76

If you make a lot of calls on the fly you probably want to access your contacts easily and more than likely with one handed navigation, if that’s the case I would suggest taking a look at iContact, it’s an application that uses iPhone-like slider capabilities to slide through contact choices, while also affording users the ability to push large-lettered icons to find names in their list.

Once the name you want to dial is found you can simply tap on that name and your device begins dialing. The application lacks an “add contact” button, but for finding contacts on the go it’s definitely a must have that uses almost no system resources, displays contact numbers, and allows for easy one tap calling abilities.

9. Best Instant Messaging Application For Windows Mobile

I remember when Microsoft and AOL use to be bitter enemies, now it turns out that the AOL Instant Messenger, commonly referred to as AIM, is the best Windows Mobile Instant Messenger program available. The application allows users to take advantage of the most popular parts of the desktop version.

Users can add and delete friends, block them, add away messages and create new away messages. The AIM application even lets users check their buddies profile, turn on sounds and notifications, change the style they view instant messages in, and check the online and offline status of their friends.

The application even has an easy one click upgrade button, allowing users to always make sure they have the newest version of the application. Users can also see their friends buddy icons and sort their friends, family, and other people into groups they define. Another free application that works as well as the original desktop version, minus the gaming capabilities and other desktop centric themes. Think of it as a slimmed down version of AIM that offers only the components that make sense for mobile users, definitely a well thought out application for Windows Mobile cell phone users.

10. Best Email Application. That Isn’t Exchange Server Based

I chose to include the Blackberry Connect application only because some users don’t have a choice, their offices run on Blackberry Enterprise Servers also known as BES, and therefore it becomes a necessity. However I also added it because Blackberry Connect provides added security, offers excellent email displaying via threaded messaging, and supports a wide variety of formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, along with Adobe, and other formats. It also allows Windows Mobile users to access the device of their choice.

Blackberry Connect, however, is only available on certain Windows Mobile devices and it does carry an additional monthly charge. Luckily the charge is usually under $15/month and offers the ability to stay away from bulky Blackberry devices made by Research InMotion.


The Windows Mobile Applications listed above are the very same offerings I take advantage of on my Windows Mobile based HTC TyTN II. I find that these applications offer better use of their respective areas than other similar applications offered both on the freeware and software markets.

I’ll continue to use this section to update my choices as more useful applications become available, in the meantime enjoy these useful and fun applications, and always remember to check with the developer’s website to determine if the applications are compatible with your devices and your version of Windows Mobile.