How to Take Screenshots on Windows Mobile: Popular Screen Capture Apps

How to Take Screenshots on Windows Mobile: Popular Screen Capture Apps
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Screenshot Apps for Windows Mobile

This tutorial will show you how to take screenshots or screensnaps of your Windows Mobile phone.

There are times when you need to take shots of your Windows Mobile screen for one reason or another, you may want to share the shots with some friends or just want to log the events visually. You may also need a screenshot application when you are writing a review for an application like I am.

There are many applications which allow you to take screenshots on your Windows Mobile phone.

Some of the best ones are:

Screen Capture - Ilium Software -

Capture Screen Utility - Fann Software -

vSnap Utility -

All the three applications mentioned above are freeware application. Just download them from the links mentioned above, upload the CAB installation file to your Windows Mobile phone and click on it to open it to initiate the installation. All of them have almost the same functionality, but I prefer Screen Capture by Ilium software more than the others.

How to Take a Screenshot

Just install Screen Capture and launch the application from the menu. Leave the application open and browse to whatever you wanted to take a screenshot of. When you want to take the screenshot, click the screenshot key. You can even specify the key you want to take screenshots with in the Options menu. It also lets you specify a timer duration which is the delay after which the actual screenshot will be taken. The user interface is also minimal and simple to understand.screencaptureThe captured screenshots will then be saved in the My Documents folder on the devices memory. You will also hear a shutter sound when the screenshot is captured. After you are done with taking the screenshots you need, just simply exit the application.

The other two applications - vSnap and Capture Screen have almost the same functionality with slight changes. Both of them also let you specify the directory to store the screenshot in and Capture Screen also has the option to exit the application when the screenshot has been captured and saved.