Steps to Resolve Windows Mobile Activesync Synchronisation Error 86000107

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What Is Activesync Error 86000107?

Windows Mobile 6.1 and Outlook 2007 don’t seem to get along quite as well as they should using Windows XP and Activesync 4.5 – and error 86000107 is one of the most common faults.

This fault seems to be related to synchronising contacts, calendar entries and appointments, tasks and emails, and often occurs when the user has sunchronised their Windows Mobile device with two PCs. It can however be resolved with some careful resetting and reapplying of the various synch items – and if you’re particularly lucky your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) might even have a fix, so consider contacting them to confirm this.

If that’s not the case however, a manual fix can be found below.

How To Fix Synchronisation Error 86000107

Although resolved with AKU 1.2 (adaption upgrade kit, a software kit sent to developers and providers of Windows Mobile hardware) the issue persists on devices released throughout 2008 with Windows Mobile 6.1 preinstalled.

When the synchronisation fails either by USB or Bluetooth, Activesync displays a warning message, and a red exclamation mark appears on the Activesync icon in the Windows XP system tray. THe following error is displayed:

“ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop. Support code: 86000107”

To resolve manually, in Activesync go into Tools > Options and uncheck all items selected for synchronisation. This should only need to be performed on the Windows XP PC that is experiencing the above error.

The next step is to restart both the Windows Mobile device and the Windows XP PC. When the PC reboots, you’ve logged back into Windows and your mobile handset is connected, go back to Tools > Options and add each previously synced item in turn – checking the box, clicking OK and awaiting for synchronisation to complete.

By carrying out this procedure the single (or perhaps several) items causing the error can be narrowed down and removed or amended.

The fault occurs because of changes required to anything over 100 synced items. Following the above steps should enable you to overcome the issue, although do bear in mind that that the same steps might need to be made on your second synchronised PC in order to overcome the error completely.