Pointui Home 2 vs Spb Mobile Shell 3: Which is the Best Memory Expansion You Can Buy?

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Cheap and Portable

Windows Mobile devices come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but the majority of them are capable of accepting memory expansions which will enhance the capacity of both data storage and the number of program installations the device can handle.

Compact memory solutions for Windows Mobile devices, standard mobile phones and cameras are commonly based on Flash ram, similar to that found USB key fob storage devices. It’s extremely cheap as well as highly portable and its lack of moving parts means that it is not only energy efficient but also durable.

The internal memory on your handset is more often than not Flash ram, and it can be found in all manner of household devices.

3 Easy Steps

First of all, before you even check which type of flash consider what size you need. You might have a particular application or setoff applications you want to run, or you might want to watch video or listen to MP3s. Alternatively you might be planning to record video or audio media using your versatile Windows Mobile devices built in video camera or microphone.

Flash RAM ranges in size depending on the format. For instance the Micro SD format – which is around the size of a finger nail – can currently hold 16 GB of data, which is of course absolutely astonishing for such a small artefact.

Second, check your budget. Flash RAM isn’t expensive, but due to the ever-changing nature of the format and the Windows Mobile devices themselves you should have a good think about whether splashing out $20 on a piece of 16 GB Flash RAM is worth it if you’re planning on a change of mobile handset in the near future, or if a smaller memory device will suffice.

At the same time however consider how you might reuse the memory expansion in other devices (such as your PC or laptop) if you do purchase it. Many Flash RAM devices for phones and cameras come with adaptors allowing you to expand on their standard intended device and utilise them as data storage for transfer of data between PCs, cameras, photo printers and much more.

Third, make sure you know which type of Flash RAM you need. If unsure, check you device handbook or manufacturer’s website.

The majority of Windows Mobile devices have slots for various types of SD RAM which allow the user to insert the memory card and lock it in place. While these slots might be of differing sizes, the use of adaptors as mentioned above can overcome the majority of Flash RAM media format issues.

Buy With Care

Finally, as with all purchases ensure you’re buying from a reputable buyer. For instance avoid eBay purchases from sellers in the Far East wherever possible unless they’re verified and have over 99% feedback, but for the best results head down to your local electronics or mobile phone store and purchase in person.

The benefits from a memory expansion are considerable, from turning your Windows Mobile phone into a portable media device to utilising is USB capabilities and using as a backup device - all for a minimal investment