How to Copy Contacts to Your Sim Card with Windows Mobile

How to Copy Contacts to Your Sim Card with Windows Mobile
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What is a SIM Card?

If you’re new to the world of cellular use or have moved from a CDMA Network (such as Verizon/Sprint/etc.) you may have never used a SIM card. To keep it simple the SIM card is the small rectangular card that goes into your phone and allows your GSM service provider (AT&T/T-Mobile/etc.) to recognize your phone via the SIM. While the SIM card is necessary to make calls it can also store your important contact information and be moved easily from device to device.

On the right is a SIM card in its original packaging, the small part that can be removed is the SIM Card.

How to Save New Contacts to a SIM Card

Again if you’re new to using a SIM card you may believe that it’s difficult to save a contact to your SIM card. In fact it’s one of the easiest steps you can take via your Windows Mobile device. Below I’ve included a quick step-by-step guide for saving contacts to your device’s SIM card:

  • Click on the Start Button on your device.
  • Click on Contacts.
  • Click The New Button to create a new contact.
  • You’ll be presented with two choices Outlook Contact or SIM Contact obviously you’ll want to click on the latter.
  • Enter in the information on the contact screen after you have clicked SIM Contact.
  • Press the OK key and your New Contact is saved directly to your Windows Mobile device.

It’s really that simple to save new SIM contacts to your Windows Mobile device. I continue to stress the new aspect of the saved SIM contact because the steps listed above are used when adding a new point of contact to your device, specifically adding it directly to your SIM card. While the contacts will be accessible via any phone your SIM card is installed on, they are not installed at this point directly to your current device.

How to Save Existing Contacts to a SIM Card

Existing contacts can also be copied to your device’s SIM card, this is a great option for “backing up” your contacts and for moving them to a new or secondary device. Here’s the very simple steps you can take to accomplish this goal.

  • Navigate to the contact you want to save to your SIM card.
  • Click the Menu Key.
  • Click Save To SIM.

That’s it, an easy to remember process that could save you from inadvertently losing contacts in the future if your device is broken or you decide to change to a new device.