Fixing Update Issues with the Windows Phone Recovery Tool

Fixing Update Issues with the Windows Phone Recovery Tool
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During 2011, two major updates are scheduled for Windows Phone 7, the NoDo update which adds copy and paste functionality and the Mango update, which introduces multi-tasking and much more.

These updates are applied to a Windows Phone via the Zune software (or Windows Phone Connector on the Mac) and the process involves downloading the operating system update, a backup of your phone’s contents to your computer and the installation of the new update, before checking that your personal files and folders are all intact.

In most cases the process will run through without any problems, but this isn’t always the case, which is why Microsoft provides a Windows Phone recovery tool.

The Windows Phone Support Tool is for Windows only, and comes in two versions, one for 32-bit systems and another for 64-bit computers. If you receive any errors while attempting run an update on your Windows Phone, the support tool is the best way to overcome any problems.

Error Messages That Require the Windows Phone Support Tool

Use of the Windows Phone Support Tool is restricted to resolving the appearance of just three error messages:

80180080 - There was an error while trying to update your device with the latest software.

Please try again.

We couldn’t update your phone because your operating system might be corrupt.

800705B4 - There was an error while trying to update your device with the latest software.

Please try again.

The timer ran out on what we were trying to do.

C101002E - There was an error while trying to update your device with the latest software.

Please try again.

An error prevented the restoration of your phone to its previous version.

Any one of these will occur in the Zune client during an update, leaving you with the option of downloading the support tool. Before doing this, however, unplug your Windows Phone from the USB cable.

There are two versions of the Windows Phone Support Tool available from the Microsoft Download Center. If you have a 32-bit system, download the WPSupportTool-x86.msi package; meanwhile, 64-bit users should download the WPSupportTool-amd64.msi option.

(If you’re not sure whether your Windows version is 32-bit or 64-bit, go to Start, right-click Computer, select Properties and look for the System Type.)

Once you have completed the download of the correct package, you will need to begin installation. This shouldn’t take too long, and when you’re done you will be ready to resolve the error message you received while attempting to upgrade your Windows Phone.

Entering Update/Recovery Mode on Your Windows Phone

With your phone disconnected, run the Windows Phone Support Tool – it should be available via the Start menu. While this is loading up, pick up your phone and press and hold the power button until you see the “Goodbye!” message. A few moments later the device should shut down, and you will need to put it into update mode.

Normally update mode is activated automatically via Zune during the update process. Because this has failed, we need to activate it manually, and this is easily done with a couple of button presses.

First, press the power button again to switch the phone back on. As soon as the device vibrates to confirm activation, press and hold the camera button (on the lower-right edge of the phone) until the Connect to PC screen appears – this is an illustration of a phone, a USB cable and a PC.

Follow the instruction, connecting your phone back to your PC via the USB cable; watch out for the Zune client opening, which it is configured to do whenever your phone is connected. You will need to close Zune before proceeding.

Using the WPSupportTool Utility

Using the WPSupportTool Utility

On your PC, switch to the Windows Phone Support Tool and click Recover – this will check the error, apply a fix to resolve it and then restart the device. Note that if you have a password setup you will need to enter it when the device restarts.

While all of this is happening various updates will appear on the Windows Phone recovery tool status pane, allowing you to keep an eye on the progress and success of the recovery; this should ultimately display a message reading The device has been updated and the version number of the update.

This isn’t the NoDo or Mango update that you were attempting to reach, however, rather an update that allows you to start using your phone again and proceed with the update.

To start the process again, disconnect and reconnect your phone to your PC, wait for Zune to launch and then go to Settings > Phone > Update. This time around, you shouldn’t experience any issues with the update!


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