Can I Install Windows Phone 7 on Xperia X1i from Sony Ericsson?

Can I Install Windows Phone 7 on Xperia X1i from Sony Ericsson?
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Can I Run Windows Phone 7 on Windows Mobile?

The popular new Windows Phone 7 platform has changed the way many people look at mobile technology from Microsoft, but if you’re stuck running an older Windows Mobile device you won’t get the chance to join in with the joys of the Office Hub, Xbox LIVE and the tile-based Metro user interface.

While HTC HD2 owners can upgrade to WP7, for owners of other phones that run WinMo the options are pretty limited.

Short of buying a new phone, the only way to get even a sample of the delights of Windows Phone is to install a theme for use with the Throttle Launcher app.

How to Install a Windows Phone 7 Theme on Xperia X1 and Other Windows Mobile Phones

It isn’t quite installing Windows Phone 7, but adding a theme certainly makes your phone look like it, and as we all know, appearances count.

To get started with this radical overhaul of your current (old) Windows Mobile phone, head to where you will find a download link for ThrottleLauncher, the tool that makes all of this possible (select version 1.1.10 or later). ThrottleLauncher requires 5 MB of space on your phone or storage card, 8 MB of main memory to run and .NET Compact Framework 3.5 for the best performance.

Once downloaded, copy the file to your WM device, head to Start > Explorer and find the CAB file, which you should select to run and install the application. Remember to restart your phone after installing.

With ThrottleLauncher itself installed, you will need to then find the theme that you can use to make your Xperia or other WinMo device look like a Windows Phone 7!

This can be found at, and is titled Windows Phone 7 Suite for ThrottleLauncher. As you can see from the screenshots, the theme replicates the look and feel of the Metro UI that has made Microsoft’s new mobile platform so unmissable.

Download the theme and save it to your PC; unzip the contents and then copy the WindowsPhone7_1.2 folder to your Windows Mobile device. All you need to do then is open the theme with ThrottleLauncher and voila – a brand new Windows Phone 7 theme running on your old WM6 handset!

Wow! Windows Phone on Windows Mobile!

It’s not quite upgrading your existing phone to the new operating system, but this ThrottleLauncher theme certainly looks the part, even if Xbox LIVE gaming isn’t really available.

In fact, many more skins are available for ThrottleLauncher, offering all sorts of different layouts and themes for your WM6 device; not bad for a free app!

One last thing to note – the ThrottleLauncher app will not work with all Windows Mobile devices, due to screen resolution issues.