Top Tips from the Best Windows Phone Blogs

Top Tips from the Best Windows Phone Blogs
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Where Can I Find News on Windows Phone 7?

If you’re a newcomer to Windows Phone 7 and have been seduced by the charms of its fast user interface, tiles and the ease with which most tasks can be performed, you might like to team up with other fans of the new Microsoft mobile phone platform for chat and discussion about what might be coming next.

Alternatively, you might be interested in developing apps for the platform, or just keen to find out the latest news about Windows Phone 7, from new devices to new apps and updates like NoDo and Mango.

What you’re looking for are Windows Phone blogs and communities, and there are plenty of good online resources that meet all of these requirements!

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Online Forums

If you’re interested in Windows Phone 7 development and discussion, the first place you should head to is and sign up for an account if you don’t already have one.

Once you have done this, head to the Windows Phone Development boards, where you will see sub-boards for general discussion, a Q&A board, and a board for apps and games.

As with all online forums, use of these boards requires you to be courteous and friendly, as well as making good use of the search tools before asking any questions.

Another good online discussion board for Windows Phone 7 is, which again has a good sub-board dedicated to the platform. Note that both of these communities also feature boards for Android devices, so make sure you’re using the right boards before you start looking for conversations to join or start!

Top Windows Phone 7 Blogs

Your top destinations online for Windows Phone blogs (after checking for updates right here on Bright Hub!) should be and

Both of these blogs offer the latest news on new apps, device releases and updates that are due to be launched, and enjoy a large community of commenters. You can certainly count both of these as vital Windows Phone 7 resources, and they have both been running since the dark days of Windows Mobile.

For a more independent look at Windows Phone 7, meanwhile, is a good option, where the single writer Paul Thurrott has a lot of good, sensible things to say about the platform and where it is going.

Additionally, the popular Engadget blog regularly features information about Windows Phone 7.

Official Microsoft Windows Phone Websites

It would be remiss of us to list the most important online resources for Windows Phone 7 without mentioning the superb selection of services offered by Microsoft themselves.

The most public-facing of these is the Windows Phone Blog which is also the best way to get hold of Windows Phone Radio, the weekly podcast released by the team at the blog.

In addition Microsoft offer various development communities, such as at MSDN and the App Hub.

All of the above are great ways to find out more about Windows Phone 7. Let us know if you have any more suggestions!


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