How to Block Calls on Windows Phone 7 Through Carrier or a Do Not Call List

How to Block Calls on Windows Phone 7 Through Carrier or a Do Not Call List
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There may come a time when you receive a call from someone you don’t want to speak to. Maybe it’s a telemarketing call or your ex who hasn’t understood that you broke up months or even years ago; perhaps it’s a family member or friend that you had a falling out with, either way, they keep calling you and every time their phone number pops up, you wonder how they got your new number.

Call blocking is an effective way to stop those incoming calls from people you don’t wish to speak to. Depending on the company or product, this can send calls to your voice mail or display a message that your phone is no longer active or it may even hang up on them. With the new influx of Windows 7 phones, many new users are wondering if this feature is a part of this new phone.

In this article, learn how to block calls on Windows Phone 7.

How Do They Get My Number?

When you sign up for a new phone number, whether it be a landline or a cell phone, that number is placed in several directories, usually your local phone book. Unless you request to have a restricted number or specify that you don’t want to have your phone number show up within the phone book, these are usually public access.

In most cases, these numbers are obtained by telemarketers, salespeople who call in order to pitch you the product they are currently selling. In some cases, the persistent caller is a former girl or boyfriend or even family member; for whatever reason, the relationship failed, but the other party still tries to contact you.

This is where call blocking comes into play.

How to Block Calls on a Windows Phone 7

So how does a user utilize WP7 call blocking? Well that can depend on the carrier, the app, and a directory service.

Which Carriers Block Calls Windows Phone 7?


Some landline and cell phone carriers have features that will allow a user to block certain calls, however, some don’t. For instance, AT&T has a feature (with some phones) that will block calls, however, it only reroutes calls to your voice mail and doesn’t really ‘block’ the caller as one would expect. Sprint, on the other hand, does not have a feature on any of its phones that allows for call blocking.

Call blocking can usually be set up via either the phone or a third party app. Currently, Windows Phone 7 does not have the ability to block unwanted phone numbers.

Customers of both AT&T and Verizon are able to block unwanted callers, while Sprint and T-Mobile still do not have any available feature to provide this.

Another avenue is that of third party apps, unfortunately, as Windows Phone 7 is still relatively new, call blocking apps are not available for the phone as of yet.

Other Ways of Call Blocking

If your current problem is pesky telemarketers, you can add your cell phone number (and your landline, if you have one) to the Do Not Call Registry. This registry lists all of the phone numbers that wish to not be contacted by a salesperson. These lists are usually on hand with telemarketers so they are aware which numbers they should not call. This list does not, however, count if you have signed up for something local, such as a contest or to be notified of a charity or benefit. In those cases, you have provided your number willingly or, if you have been a supporter in the past, your number will continue to be on the list unless you request that you are removed.

Another procedure, while not a call blocker, is the use of third party software to either re-route callers or to give out a number that is not your personal or even business number. Google Voice is a good example of this - Google gives you a ‘phone number’ which you can use however you see fit, allowing you to forward the number, use it as the number you’re calling from (with the official app), as well as getting text and/or e-mail notifications when you have a voice message.

While it won’t block calls, you can use it as a means to separate yourself from those that you don’t want to give your true number to.

A last ditch effort would be to change phone numbers, depending on the issue you are having with the caller.


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