The Many Features of Windows Live for Mobile

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Windows Mobile

Mobile devices are slowly becoming the most dependent feature in the average person’s life. They are more accessible, more portable and in many cases easier to use than a computer. This holds especially true for those business folks who are constantly on the go, and need access to their e-mail and internet from anywhere.

The trick however is finding good applications and software that allow easy access to the resources you need. Some programs and apps offer more, while others offer less. Just because you need portable access doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice features to get it. That is exactly where Windows Live for mobile comes in; it offers great functionality and features on the go for the very busy soul. Although the question still remains, just what exactly does the entire application offer?

Windows Live Hotmail

Of course, if you have a Windows Live mobile application you can’t omit the obvious e-mail program to compose read and edit your e-mail messages. In this case, Windows Live Hotmail allows users to manage e-mails directly from their mobile device. It’s individually designed for a mobile phone screen, meaning no oversized or ridiculous fonts and no terrible scrolling like with most web programs that are ported for the mobile.

In the case of the mobile Hotmail function, it also means all the necessary options are right there on screen and no further scrolling is needed. The application also comes with an auto complete function just like the one on a computer, as well as a memorized contact list making it easier to send e-mails.

But of course there is one rather confusing thing which doesn’t seem quite as confusing when explored further. Windows Live Hotmail for mobile and Windows Live Hotmail for a device with the Windows Mobile operating system are NOT the same thing. Windows Live for mobile applies only to cell phones and devices not equipped with the Windows Mobile OS such as a Blackberry. Windows Live Hotmail for Windows Mobile is designed to be used with devices containing the Windows Mobile OS such as the HTC Touch or the Motorola Q.

Windows Live Messenger

If you’ve ever used Windows Live Messenger then you’ve used the same program. Windows Live Messenger is almost an exact port for mobile devices; although once again like Hotmail it was designed to fit perfectly on a mobile device screen. The program supports uploading pictures from your mobile device to your Windows Live space and allows you to remain in touch with your Windows Live contacts on the go.

There is also a cool feature known as the Windows Live SMS Service that allows the direct forwarding of Windows Messenger IMs to your actual phone inbox. It converts the instant message directly into a text message. It also allows users to view and change mobile account information and edit contacts. You can also choose to receive a text message notification for every new e-mail; as well as receive text messages about news events and stories.

Windows Live Search is certainly not the next Google, after all how often do you choose to find what you’re looking for using the Windows Live Search on your computer; if you do then I apologize. The mobile port works well and does allow you to surf the web just as you would on a normal PC. It also includes a nifty feature called Instant Answer, which does just that; instantly search for the closest multiple answers to your question. It also allows searching the latest headlines and keeps you up to date on the news as well as checking out your favorite blogs.

It also includes a separate app called Local Search, which serves as a sort of map finder on your mobile device. This program allows searching for businesses based on known information or included categories. It also features maps designed to fit on a mobile device screen, which even include zoom in and out features. To top it all off with a cherry, you can store the information for later trips or whenever you might need it again.

MSN Mobile

In essence, this is all the other features pretty much summed up into one. I think it’s safe to say that most users know what MSN is; if not it’s simply Microsoft’s version of an internet browser (No, not Internet Explorer). It offers complete internet web surfing with offical Microsoft news updates for all the following categories: News, Sports, Weather, Money, and Entertainment. The mobile version is once again designed to fit on a mobile screen allowing quick access to all available options. It works great for those in-between busy moments where you just wanna catch up on sports scores or latest news stories.

It’s Free!

You can start using Windows Live for Mobile any time; each of the individual programs are free and are compatible with any web-enabled mobile phone.

Visit the Official Windows Live for mobile site.