How to Block Calls on Windows Mobile

How to Block Calls on Windows Mobile
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Tired of Sales Calls?

It seems that barely a day goes by without receiving a call from a previously unknown company who want to interest you in a new product. The person on the other end of the phone is always a top salesperson whose main intention is to convince you that it is in your best interests to listen to everything he or she has to say and take the offer up.

Of course, in the vast majority of cases, these people are looking for a quick sell on a product or service that is of negligible benefit to you, and the calls are little more than a nuisance.

In such cases, being able to block calls on your Windows Mobile would be a massive advantage, particularly if there was some way of doing it both silently and without seeming to offend the caller…

Block Calls on Windows Mobile with Mobile Receptionist

A freeware application, Mobile Receptionist, is available for Windows Mobile by developer Phil Chuang from his website and can be used to block calls on Windows Mobile devices, handling calls, SMS and other message types.

Mobile Receptionist is compatible with Windows Mobile 5 and later devices, and requires .NET CF 3.5 or later, available from Microsoft. Due to the nature of the application and the way in which it handles calls, unlimited or generous SMS and data plans are recommended.

To install Mobile Receptionist, first find the download link and save the CAB file to your PC or your Windows Mobile phone if it is connected. Once the file is downloaded and copied to your Windows Mobile device, browse Windows Mobile Explorer to find MobileReceptionist_0.950b.CAB and select it to run – this action will install Mobile Receptionist.

(See our how-to install Windows Mobile .CAB files guide for help installing Windows Mobile apps.)

Using Mobile Receptionist

How to Block Calls on Windows Mobile with Mobile Receptionist

Once installed, you will be ready to start using Mobile Receptionist. Go to Start > Programs on your Windows Mobile device to run the application; the first thing you will see is a dialogue box asking if you wish to create a new profile. Click Yes, and proceed to the Profile Type selector, where you should select Blacklist in order to block calls.

In the next screen, you will see that this profile automatically hangs up calls – so you need to instruct it on how to do this. Select the Blacklist tab at the foot of the screen and go to Menu > Add Contact, or if you are hassled by someone not in your address book, Menu > Add Number Pattern.

With the number added click Save to return to the main Mobile Receptionist screen – all you need to do now is select your profile and click Enable to activate and block calls on your Windows Mobile!

Further Information About Mobile Receptionist

You should be aware that Mobile Receptionist does not automatically load when you start up your Windows Mobile phone. As such you will need to manually load and enable the utility to take advantage of it.

Also note that the software is capable of more than simply call blocking. You can use Mobile Receptionist to send email and SMS messages to people that call you while the software is enabled, a useful way to automatically field calls while you are busy.