Review Of The Nokia 2720 Fold

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The Nokia 2720 was released in September 2009, It comes in as a budget phone with practical and straightforward functions. The Nokia 2720 is a phone for people that need to communicate in text messages and stay connected using voice calls. There is an attempt to add additional bonus features such as Internet access which you can use to quickly check up on urgent emails. The organizer comes in handy to keep you in sync with what you need to get done on a day to day basis.

The phone looks elegant and feels great to handle and use. The Nokia 2720 is a phone you quickly get attached to and it soon becomes one of those things you do not leave home without.

Design (5 out of 5)


The Nokia 2720 is a clamshell design model which is available in Black and Deep Red. The phone measures 93 x 46 x 17.9 mm and weighs 90.3 grams.

The front end of the Nokia 2720 houses the secondary 1.36 inch monochrome display. This display seamlessly complements the color of the plastic casing that houses the phone.

On the right side of the Nokia 2720 there are the volume up and volume down hardware keys and right next to them is the dedicated camera button. The left side of this phone has the slot for the 2.5 mm audio jack.

The back side of the Nokia 2720 has got the compartment for the battery and inside that there is the slot for placing the SIM card.

Opening the Nokia 2720 flip reveals another display which is actually the primary display. This TFT displays measures in at 1.8 inches. It is situated on the top half of the Nokia 2720 when opened. Also on the top half is the ear piece.

The bottom half of the Nokia 2720 has got the numeric keypad and right on top of it there is a softkey panel which houses the call begin and call end buttons as well as the two softkey buttons and the five-way scroll keypad.

User Interface (4 out of 5)

Navigating the user interface is straightforward. There is a home screen which grants access to the menu using the home key, options softkey or the select button on the five-way scroll keys. To navigate around the menu, which is laid out in a grid, you will need to use the four keys on the sides of the five-way scroll key. They allow you to move the cursor in any direction so as to highlight the application you want to access. You can then open the application using the center key also known as the select key.

Text and numbers can be input into the Nokia 2720 using the numeric keypad. At your convenience you can choose to enter text in both normal methods or using the T9 feature which is sort of an auto-complete feature built-into the phone. To switch back and forth between entering numeric digits and alphabetic characters you can use the shift key on the numeric pad.

Features (4 out of 5)

The Nokia 2720 fold is somewhat lacking in memory. This Nokia phone comes with only 32MB of internal memory and there is no option provided for external memory.

There is a TFT display that can show up to 65K colors at a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels. In addition to the primary display, there is a secondary external monochrome display which has a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels.


The Nokia 2720 has an external speaker and supports a genuine Nokia headset with a 2.5 mm audio jack. with these you can listen to music and watch videos on the player which support MP3, AAC, MP4 and H.263 multimedia formats.

Built-into the Nokia 2720 is an FM radio with RDS which can also record audio direct from the radio.

A single camera is available on the Nokia 2720 fold. It has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels at 1.3MP. The video camera supports recordings of up to 15 FPS.

You can access internet on the Nokia 2720 using the internal WAP 2.0/xHTML web browser at speeds that are limited to GPRS and EDGE as there is no 3G or WLAN support.

Other default applications on the Nokia 2720 in addition to the web browser are a calendar, organizer, call, message manager and games.

Performance (3 out of 5)

The Nokia 2720 is a great phone for basic voice and messaging functions. It has good connectivity with the cellular networks. Voice calls are clear most of the time, even in areas with low signals. Using the numeric keypad is quite comfortable and it is easy to input text into the phone.

As for listening to music and watching videos, there is not much to look forward to. There is inadequate memory on the Nokia 2720 to make the best out the the phone’s ability to play these clips and it will leave you room to load ringer tones and nothing more.

Connectivity to the Internet is not very fast and furthermore loading up heavy pages like the larger Wikipedia pages proves to be too overwhelming for the Nokia 2720.

With the Nokia 2720 you get just over five hours of talk time and standby time of about 430 hours.

Verdict (4 out of 5)

All in all the Nokia 2720 is not a good phone for a user looking for additional features in a phone but I would recommend it for a user that just needs to communicate in one to one voice calls and occasional text messaging. There is not much as far as memory goes to do anything more than just the basics, which is a relief in that the Nokia 2720 does really well in just the basics. For a price tag of about US$60, I would say go for it.