Very Rare Nokia Tips, Secrets and Codes

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The Really Rare Nokia Secret Codes and Nokia Secret Tricks:

Nokia Secret Codes #1:

Turn the Nokia screen display upside down and sideways.

  • *#5511# for default view.
  • *#5512# to rotate the view left.
  • *#5513# to rotate the view upside down.
  • *#5514# to rotate the view rotate right.

Works with older Nokia models like the Nokia 1600 and other Nokia cellphones of its generation. A really good prank to play on your friends.

Nokia Secret Codes #2:

You have set a lock code but you do not know what it is? Here is one trick to unlock your Nokia cellphone (works for 1600, 1100 and other Nokia cellphones of its generation).

Press and HOLD (holding the unlock key is really important) the Unlock key, which is the top left key on your cellphone. After a second or two, you will get a message on your Nokia cellphone’s screen that reads “Press * to unlock.” Now press the * button and voila! your phone’s been unlocked. This process is fast and you should press the * button soon. Keep trying if you don’t get it the first time.

Nokia Secret Codes #3:

In the lower-end models like 1100, 1600, etc if someone tries to tamper with your phone by entering random codes, your cellphone will automatically lock itself and even after entering the right code, you will not be able to gain access to use its services. Don’t panic! Enter the correct code after half an hour or an hour or use the Nokia Secret Code #2 above (the previous trick) to unlock your cellphone.

Nokia Tips and Tricks for Higher End Models like E63, E71, E72, etc.

These tips should work on the N-Series phones that come with a QWERTY keypad too.

Nokia Trick #4: You have a text message that you want to copy and paste into your chat or notes, but you don’t know how? Open the text message. Go to Options, select the ‘Forward’ option. Now you will be in the edit mode where you can edit and forward your text message. Press the down button. Now the blinking straight line (called the cursor) is in the body of the text message.

Press and hold the “Ctrl” button and simultaneous press “A.” You will see that all the text is highlighted. Now leave both the buttons (Ctrl and A).

To copy, press and hold Ctrl and press C (the text will be copied only if the text is highlighted, which means that the selected text is ready to be copied).

With the text copied, close the text message (or keep it open) and paste it in your notes or chat or another text message by pressing and holding Ctrl and then pressing V. If you want to cut the text and paste it instead of copying and pasting, press and hold Ctrl and press X (this cuts the text).

Be careful while you use the cut and paste operation. If you cut it, don’t forget to paste it unless you want to lose the text forever.

Nokia Trick #5: To select a few words or a few lines, press and hold the Shift key (a button in the last row of keys that has an arrow that is pointed upwards) and use the navigation key (the joystick or the big square key) to select text. Use the above step to copy and paste.

Nokia Trick #6: To type a text message in italics in your Nokia cellphone, press and hold Ctrl and press I (this will activate the Italics mode). Now you can see the slanted fonts (called Italics) as you type. To deactivate the Italics and type the text in the normal mode, press and hold the Ctrl button and press I.

Nokia Trick #7: To type a text message that has underlined text, in your Nokia cellphone, press and hold Ctrl and press U (this will activate the Underline mode). Now you can see the text that has been underlined. To deactivate the Underline mode and type the text in the normal mode, press and hold the Ctrl button and press U.

Nokia Trick #8: To delete any text message, picture, note or video, press the backspace key and you will get a confirmation to delete the respective item. This will save you a lot of time if you were to delete every item individually by going to Options and Delete.

Nokia Trick #9: Press 0 (zero) for two seconds or more to launch your cellphone’s default web browser.

Nokia Trick #10: Save your battery by closing applications that you don’t use. To know which applications you are using, press and hold the home key (that has the icon of a home on the button) or the key that has two small squares with two curves that make the icon look it look like a rough oval with two squares on it (this is in old N-Series and other high-end Nokia cellphones).

Nokia Trick #11: Type *3370# to activate the Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) mode to get a better signal reception and hear the caller’s voice better. However, your battery will drain faster. To deactivate EFR type #3370# on your home screen or the standby screen, and you do not have to worry about the battery drain but the call quality will be back to default.

Nokia Trick #12: The default unlock code Nokia offers for its cellphones is 1234 or 12345.

The other commonly used codes are:

  • *#0000# - To see the model or make of the cellphone.
  • *#92702679# - To check the warranty period.
  • *#43# - To check call waiting status.
  • *#7780# - To restore your phone to its factory settings. Backup your memory before you try this.

Hope you loved reading this article and found some useful Nokia tricks. If you have more Nokia secret codes or if you want more codes, please leave a comment at the bottom.