Overview of Nokia Flip Phones

Overview of Nokia Flip Phones
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Nokia flip phones also known as clamshell phones or more recently fold phones have been around for over a decade. Right from the original Nokia 9000 Communicator from back in 1996 there have been several other Nokia flip phones that have followed suit such as the entire 9000 Communicator family, with the latest coming from the Nokia E-Series family. These are phones designed to be folded for convenience of storage and handling. These Nokia flip phones are also known to have two displays. A primary and secondary. The secondary display is traditionally used to display the time and alerts on messages and incoming calls. In newer models with OLED displays, these displays are used to contribute to the color scheme of the phone.

In addition to the Nokia Communicators, older Nokia flip phones include Nokia 282, Nokia 2255, Nokia 2366i, Nokia 2650, Nokia 2651, Nokia 2652, Nokia 2660, Nokia 2760, Nokia 2855i, Nokia 3128, Nokia 3152, Nokia 3155, Nokia 3555 and Nokia 3606.

Others are Nokia 6060, Nokia 6085, Nokia 6086, Nokia 6101, Nokia 6102, Nokia 6102i, Nokia 6103, Nokia 6125, Nokia 6126, Nokia 6131, Nokia 6133, Nokia 6136, Nokia 6155, Nokia 6155i, Nokia 6160, Nokia 6165i, Nokia 6170, Nokia 6215i, Nokia 6255i, Nokia 6256i, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6263, Nokia 6267, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6315i, Nokia 6350, Nokia 6555, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7070, Nokia 7200, Nokia 7270 and the Nokia 7390.

The Nokia Communicators 9000 series include Nokia 9000, Nokia 9000i, Nokia 9110, Nokia 9110i, Nokia 9210, Nokia 9210i, Nokia 9290, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9300i and Nokia 9500.

There are also a few phones fom the Nokia N Series family which include Nokia N71, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N90, Nokia N92, Nokia N93 and Nokia N93i.

More recent Nokia flip phones worth mentioning are as follows.

Nokia 6650

Released in 2008, this budget phone comes in with a modern design and an intuitive user interface based on Symbian S60 3rd Edition with feature pack 2. The color on the display is not all that it could be. With the Nokia 6650 you have a choice for accessing Internet at 3G speeds and storing up to 8GB of files on external memory. Follow this link for a full review of the Nokia 6650.

Nokia 6750 Mural

Nokia 6750 Mural

The Nokia 6750 Mural was released in September 2009 as an elegant looking flip phone and features an OLED secondary display that not only shows the clock, battery meter and alerts but also contributes to the color scheme. The Nokia 6750 also packs plenty of memory with up to 32 GB external memory card support and allows for fast Internet through the 3G network. Follow this link to read a full review of the Nokia 6750 Mural.

Nokia E90

nokia e90

Though released in 2007 the Nokia E90 is worth mentioning as a phone that was hailed as the greatest business phone. This Nokia E-series phone took its design from the popular 9000 series of Nokia communicator phones. The Nokia E90 came with a large 800 x 352 resolution display capable of showing true colors. With support for 3G and Wi-Fi backed by Symbian OS 260 feature pack 3, this Nokia phone has proven good enough for business functions. Read a full review of the Nokia E90 here.