Blacklist vs Advanced Call Manager for Nokia

Blacklist vs Advanced Call Manager for Nokia
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Symbianware Best Blacklist vs Advanced Call Manager

To automatically filter, reject, send SMS or divert a call in a Nokia device is easy using Best Blacklist by Symbianware or Advanced Call Manager free edition by Nokia powered by Melon (WebGate). Both applications work like a charm but one of them provides better advanced telephony management. Find out which is better, Best Blacklist or Advanced Call Manager.

System Requirements and Features

Best Blacklist runs on Nokia S60, Nokia series 80, Symbian^3 and Nokia 7710 while Advanced Call Manager from Nokia supports more

Advanced Call Manager for Nokia devices

Nokia phone models. Both programs feature the following:

  • Reject a call from list of contacts, group or individual.
  • Automatically send an SMS.
  • Send a busy tone on selected list of contacts.
  • Accept all calls.
  • View call logs.
  • Runs in the background.
  • Schedule received call actions based on profile or time.

However, Advanced Call Manager does not provide real-time call analysis or statistics of rejected calls. Neat features of Advanced Call Manager which are not available in Best Blacklist are as follows:

  • Divert calls to another number - this function is an issue. Read in the next section why.
  • Play personalized greeting (aka Answering Machine).
  • Listen to recorded messages from callers.
  • Mute the ringer.
  • Schedule per location by scanning a place.
  • Update checker for the product.

Performance and Usage

Best Blacklist Lite Edition

There are people who would rather use an application that is not only easy to use, but also an application that is not power and memory hungry. Best Blacklist offers good performance while you are multi-tasking using a Nokia phone. You won’t even notice any lag when launching other Nokia software or games.

The Advanced Call Manager is using an acceptable memory usage, but a bit higher than Best Blacklist. Also its icon is not visible to the user, if the program is configured to accept all calls.

I tested the applications and I find Best Blacklist is faster in responding to the call rules. It means, there is a delay to reject a call using Advanced Call Manager. Another issue that I noticed with using Advanced Call Manager is a frequent error when diverting a phone call to another phone number. There’s no other error message provided other than “Error” which could mean it’s a limitation in using a co-branded application by WebGate for Nokia. The only issue with Best Blacklist is the option for rejecting calls which is supposedly sending an SMS for each rejected call. The feature is not working no matter how many times I configure it to do so.

Price and Support

Advanced Call Manager is free for Nokia customers while Best Blacklist cost $4.00 using a single license. A free edition of Best Blacklist (a Lite edition) is also available with a limitation of only blocking 5 phone numbers or contacts. Both applications receive free support but I find Best Blacklist to receive product updates or improvements.

Final Words

I find Advanced Call Manager to be a useful application for Nokia Symbian devices. Best Blacklist is so user friendly that even a grandma can configure it easily to block annoying contacts!. However, if you want better telephony management to block phone calls, Blacklist is not what you need but the Advanced Call Manager. To get the program, simply visit Nokia software download website and then select the Support tab to view the list of free software for your phone.

Image credit: Screenshot taken by the author.