Options For Cell Faceplates and Covers For Nokia Phones

Options For Cell Faceplates and Covers For Nokia Phones
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What Is A Nokia Faceplate?

A cell faceplate or cell cover as is also known in some circles is a sort of a tight fitting skin whereby you can wrap your Nokia mobile phone. Technically a cell faceplate is a drop in replacement for the default faceplates that come with your phone. For example the 1221 cell faceplate for Nokia phones would be used for the Nokia 1221 while the 8250 cell faceplate would be used for the Nokia 8250.

Depending on the model of your phone, cell faceplates for Nokia phones such as Nokia 1221, Nokia 1260, Nokia 1261, Nokia 2260, Nokia 3200, Nokia 3360, Nokia 3361, Nokia 3390, Nokia 3395, Nokia 3590, Nokia 3560, Nokia 3595, Nokia 3585, Nokia 3570, Nokia 3586i, Nokia 3588i, Nokia 3589i, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3600, Nokia 6340, Nokia 6340i, Nokia 6010, Nokia 6015, Nokia 6015i, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6101, Nokia 6102, Nokia 51xx series and Nokia 8250 are among other other Nokia phones that can have their entire casings replaced with custom ones by design as opposed to just skinning the device.

Why Cell Faceplates?

Cell faceplates for Nokia phones are popular in that they help the user express themselves in a visual way that others can identify with. A 1221 cell faceplate can also break the monotony of the Nokia 1221 phone design. Then there is the obvious reason as to why you would want a replacement faceplate for your Nokia phone. This would be because you may want to preserve and protect you mobile phone. For example with a rubber faceplate you can prevent damage from constant knocks or minor spills of liquids onto the phone. They can also serve as protection from dust to a certain extent. Some also serve to guard the display and the camera from scratches. As for the Nokia phones that can have their entire casings replaced, these can be handy when your phone has sustained serious damage like a cracked or broken case, faded key pad buttons and so on.

Options For Cell Faceplates

Cell faceplates for Nokia phones come in several varieties and materials. Like the 1221 cell faceplate for Nokia phones, it can come in clear, plain, designed colored plastic. For other Nokia phones they also appear in embossed designs and engraved designs. Cell faceplates are not limited to only plastic materials. You can also find them in rubber, synthetic cloth, wool, linen wraps, weaved strands, beaded fabrics and steel. The drop in replacement faceplates sometimes require you to loosen a screw or two while others offer a way to just pop it in place. The external faceplates or covers do not need any screwing or removal of the existing plates.

Where Can I Buy Cell Faceplates For Nokia?

Cell faceplates for Nokia phones are available almost everywhere you go. Be it at the airport or at electronics stores, stands and kiosks in the mall, through street vendors and websites over the Internet.

The best place to buy the 1221 cell faceplates for Nokia phones is probably at informal electronics stalls or kiosks at shopping malls. The reason being some of these older model Nokia phones have been discontinued and therefore will not be carried by the major stores. Another great place to find faceplates especially for the older Nokia phone models is the Internet. Website are more likely to advertise these at throw away prices.

The reason why it would be best to go to the stalls, kiosks, electronic stores or shops in general is because this gives you an opportunity to touch and feel the plate and see whether it is something you can live with. Also you may want to test how best it fits on your Nokia phone as websites may not be clear on the fitting.

If you still prefer to get your cell faceplates, be it the drop in replacement type such as the 1221 cell faceplate for Nokia phones or the slip on type such as the 8250 cell covers, then here are some of my favorite places to look on the internet including CellularPhone.com, EliteXtreme.com, CellPhoneShop.net and Cell-Phone-Accessory.com.