Nokia N900 Tips & Tricks

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Boost Your Nokia N900 FM Transmitter

The Nokia N900 comes with an FM Transmitter. Unfortunately it is known to sometimes dwindle on the performance and stop broadcasting entirely on some occasions. You can help alleviate this problem, all you need to do is to activate the Extras Repository from your Nokia N900 menu and install fm-boost from the application manager under the System section. This application will apply a patch to your Nokia N900 and you will be able to transmit radio signals without issues.

Make Use of the Inbuilt FM Radio Receiver

The Nokia N900 comes with an FM radio but funnily enough there are no radio applications preinstalled on the Nokia N900. So to make the most out of your Nokia N900 by listening to FM radio, you have no option but to install a third party FM radio app otherwise you will simply have spent extra money on a dead receiver. To experience radio on the Nokia N900 you can go to this link and download the FM radio player app.

Turn Your Nokia N900 Into a Document Scanner

You do not have to worry about copying notes or images from printed documents. Using the built in camera to take snap shots of documents, you can turn your Nokia N900 into a document scanner with Frontview. With Frontview you will not need to worry about paper orientation as the software is clever enough to detect the paper from the table.

Install the App Search Widget

Theoretically, the Nokia N900 has the ability to hold hundreds of apps. Sadly scrolling through hundreds of apps to find the one you want is far from fun. The Nokia N900 has a search function that allows you to type a contact name or organizer entry from the home screen and it will automatically bring up the most relevant contacts with a kind of auto fill functionality. The problem with this function is that it does not work for searching out apps and that is where the App Search Widget comes in. It integrates seamlessly with the Nokia N900 UI by placing an icon size widget in the menu or homescreen and when you need to open an app simply tap on this widget and type in what you want and it will do the rest. You can find App search in the Nokia N900 Extras Repository.

Use Your Nokia N900 as a Universal Controller

Another good Nokia N900 tip or trick is that you can turn your Nokia N900 into a universal Bluetooth remote controller. With BlueMaemo you can use your Nokia N900 as a PS3 Controller, though it is not well suited for games, but it is great for using other menu controls on the PS3 control panel. You can also turn your Nokia N900 into a portable keyboard or mouse and access your desktop from anywhere in the room. You can also use it to control your music on Windows Media on your PC. To get these functions on your Nokia N900 you can download BlueMaemo from this location.

Final Tips

The Nokia N900 functions as a mobile computer and therefore there are endless possibilities as to what the Nokia N900 is capable of doing and not everything can be listed here. There are two things that are very important when experimenting with Nokia N900 tips and tricks. Battery life should be kept going as long as possible. You can do this by keeping your Wi-Fi switched off whenever possible as it is known to drain battery quite quickly when idle. Also completely shut down any programs you are not running as they consume battery power too.

The other issue that is known with the Nokia N900 is its habit of slowing down after a while which forces you to reboot after about a handful of days. For those who are a little bit ‘Tech Savvy’, I would recommend getting the optimize N900 script and installing it as instructed at this location. If you are not a ‘Tech savvy’ person you may have to be content with rebooting your Nokia N900 every few days to keep it running optimally.