How to Connect Dial Up Internet using Nokia 6600 as Modem

How to Connect Dial Up Internet using Nokia 6600 as Modem
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If you want to know how to connect dial up internet using your Nokia 6600 as a modem then you’re in the right place. Let’s start with the necessary installation. From the CD-ROM that came with the Nokia 6600 on your PC, click Install software, Install now and finally Nokia Modem Options. Follow the instructions on the screen. In the Connection Method dialog box, select either or both of infrared or Bluetooth. If you have a PC without Bluetooth you may need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle. If you do not have the CD-ROM you can download the installation file (MO_for_6600.exe) from this link. Run the file and follow the installation instructions above.

Connecting Your Nokia 6600 to Your PC

If you are using infrared to connect your Nokia 6600 to the PC, activate the infrared connection on the phone. Go to Menu, Connectivity folder and select Modem and follow instructions. Line up the infrared port of the Nokia 6600 to that of your PC. In Nokia Modem Options, select the infrared modem for your Nokia 6600.

If you are using Bluetooth to connect your Nokia 6600 to the PC, go to Menu, Connectivity folder and select Bluetooth. For the first time, you are asked to give a Bluetooth name to your phone and select Bluetooth On. Activate DUN or FAX profile in the Bluetooth software then activate Bluetooth device discovery from the Bluetooth software on the Nokia 6600. You will then need to pair the Nokia 6600 and the PC by entering a passcode into both devices. Your passcode should be 1-16 numeric characters long. This passcode is used only the first time you make the connection.

Agree to all connection requests between your Nokia 6600 and your PC. In Nokia Modem Options on the PC, select the appropriate Bluetooth modem for your Nokia 6600 phone and choose the Nokia 6600 connection settings and click OK. The connection between your PC and the Nokia 6600 is now ready.

Adding the Nokia 6600 Bluetooth Modem

Activate the Dial-Up Networking profile from the Modem Options Software. Activate Bluetooth on your Nokia 6600 and connect the phone to the PC. On the PC, open Control Panel and select Phone and Modem Options, select the Modems tab. Click Add. In the Install New Modem dialog box use the Don’t detect my modem; I will select it from a list option. Select Nokia from the manufacturers list. In the Models list, select the Nokia 6600 modem and click Next. Go to Selected ports option. And choose the COM port you want to install the modem on. Click Next. The Nokia 6600 (Bluetooth) modem can now be seen in the Installed Nokia Modems list in the Nokia Modem Options Control Panel applet.

Using the Nokia 6600 as a Modem

When configuring the individual data communications applications such as your web browser, email application or any other application, you must select your Nokia 6600 phone as the modem when prompted to do so. Whether you want to use a Bluetooth connection or the infrared connection, you will need to select either Nokia 6600 Bluetooth or Nokia 6600 IrDA as the modem. Then click Dial to establish the connection.

Points to Note

For your Nokia 6600 to work as a Bluetooth modem, the PC and the Nokia 6600 need to be less than 10 meters apart. This is subject to obstructions such as walls and other electronics. You can only have one active Bluetooth or infrared connection active at a time. You must use Nokia Modem options to make the connection from your Nokia 6600 to your PC.