Nokia E71X User Guide: Learn to Enjoy Your Phone More

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Today, one of the best Nokia models in the gadget world is none other than the Nokia E71x. The phone is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and features a solid and very durable construction. It also comes with a camera with plenty of features that will surely make every day of your life worth capturing.

Because this is well conceptualized based on the highest technological advancements, first-time users are finding it hard to use. But with the help of the Nokia E71x user guide, you can have the chance to customize your phone the way you want. With this, you will learn that it is a user-friendly phone model from Nokia.

In order to make this Nokia phone model a very effective gadget to use, it is very important for users to do housekeeping every now and then. This is because in every gadget, you can never really avoid ending up with loads of folders with your favorite stuff saved in them. By simply making your very own junk folder, and choosing the left soft key in the Options and choosing New Folder, you can successfully remove default folders.

Five of the most efficient folders you can customize in your phone are the following: AT&T GPS, Media, Comms and Office. In the AT&T GPS folder, some of the customizations you can put are AT&T Nav, Landmarks, Sports Tracker, Google Maps, Shop GPS and Where.

In the Media folder, the following are just some of the customizations which you can employ depending upon your choice: Cellular Video, ShoZu, Real Player, Camera, Recorder and My Stuff as well.

In Comms, you can also put Gravity, Recent Calls, fring, Gravity and Wordmobi.

Lastly, in the Office folder you should consider dumping Calendar, Notes, Adobe.

Setting the Sync and the Connections

The setting plays a very important role in the phone because this directs how your phone will function. Some users are finding it hard to understand synchronization and connections that is why these are the aspects that must be focused on.


With this, you will be able to synchronize your data such as notes, calendar entries and contacts with the use of an internet server or a compatible PC with a Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is select Menu, then Settings, then select Sync.

In order for you to create a new profile, just select options then go to New Sync Profile and enter the necessary settings. In order for the data to be synchronized, go to the main view and mark the data that must be synchronized and select Options then Synchronize.


By selecting Menu, then Settings and Configuration, you can activate or deactivate the following: Bluetooth, Data Cable, Destinations, Data counter, Wireless LAN, Data call, Video Share, SIP configuration, Configurations and APN control.

Guides are very important in order for you to have a wonderful experience in handling any device or gadget. Now that you can customize your menu with the help of the Nokia E71x user guide, your phone will be very handy and easy to use.