Top 5 Nokia 5130 Themes to Download

Top 5 Nokia 5130 Themes to Download
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Nokia 5130

The Nokia 5130 is one of the best selling handset models in the world. What makes the mobile phone even more popular is the wide number of downloadable Nokia 5130 themes available on the Internet.

Here is a listing of five of the best Nokia 5130 themes on the World Wide Web.

Fish Tank

For those who love fishes and are amazed by these creatures, this theme is highly recommended. It is stylishly designed with an animated undersea background, with various kinds of fish moving continuously from one part of the screen to another. What is even more attractive are the other images in this theme, such as the corals that move smoothly with the water. There are also air bubbles bubbling from the depths of the screen, providing an image of the fish breathing oxygen. This theme is one of the most colorful and perky Nokia 5130 themes one can find on the Internet today.

With a five-star rating, you can download Fish Tank for free.

Animated Green

Animated Green

For those who love the color green, the animated green theme is the way to go. It boasts of high resolution images, highlighted by an eye that is colored green set against a white background. The eye comes in a very sexy look although its eye ball has an intriguing, animal-eye orientation. This animal theme has a size of 267 KB with a NTH file type.

Like this theme? Download Animated Green now for free.

Beach Clock

Beach Clock

This is another relaxing Nokia 5310 theme with its rich colors and impressive deign. It has a clock with an idyllic beach as the background, with a sun rising behind the clouds for a unique look. The clock can also be changed from digital to analog orientation, while using a specific format for time, month, and date. If you like a simple but pleasing to the eye theme, then Beach Clock is for you.

Visit Download Page to get it for free.

Don’t Touch Theme

Don’t Touch

This is another good theme for the Nokia 5130 and users will like it for its clever design and concept. As its name suggests, the phone theme warns other people from getting hold of the handset. The theme comes with a human palm, and on it are the words “don’t touch the mobile.” What is more striking is the radium-like, green colored element that glows in the palm with a nice black background. The theme has a file type of NTH with a file size of 380 KB.

Visit Download Page

Blue Eye

Bllue Eyes

This theme is a perfectly captured beautiful blue eye in focus. Looking closer at the eye you can see that an analog round clock is set at the center. By watching the clock, it’s like you are actually having eye to eye contact with the girl.

The theme has a file size of 677 KB and is NTH file type. This remains as one of the more downloaded themes for the Nokia 5130 with almost a thousand downloads in less than 4 months.

Want to be watched by a beautiful blue eye wherever you go? Visit the Download Page.

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