How to Sign Unsigned Nokia Applications: A Guide for Signing Symbian Apps Using GenialSIS and SymbianUnsigned

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Sep 2008 and has been recently updated for archival purposes. There is a new method of Signing Unsigned Symbian Applications. The method outlined here is outdated.


Having trouble signing unsigned Symbian applications? You’re not alone, I’ve received a ton of requests from readers of my personal blog site over the last year or so, all with the same question, “What am I suppose to do when I need to sign a Symbian app?” after scouring the Internet I have seen many answers to the question, when really it shouldn’t be that difficult, with a simple online account to SymbianUnsigned.Com and the GenialSiS program users can easily sign their apps and begin taking advantage of their offerings in a few quick steps.

Below I’ve explained the simple process for signing Symbian applications, it’s one I use on a continuing basis and it has yet to fail me.

First Step: You’ll need to have a non-standard email address. This means no Hotmail or Gmail account, but instead a work account, or an email you own on a private domain. If you don’t have this option visit and choose an email on any domain, this is a quick work around but it should help you out.

Second Step: You’ll need to visit this link: GenialSiS. Next launch the GenialSiS.exe file for a quick install.

Third Step: After installing the GenialSIS file you’ll be asked for your devices IMEI number, you can first find this on the back of your phone underneath the battery cover, or you can simply type *#06# on your phone’s keypad. After you type in your IMEI the program will ask you to click to generate, go ahead and click the generate option. You’ll then want to name your profile, feel free to type whatever you want in this section then click OK

Fourth Step: Visit the site and register for a free account. The SymbianSigned website is going to ask your for your email address at this point, make sure you use your work account or the ip2 account you just registered. After finishing the signup progress go to your GenialSiS setup and make sure its running on your desktop. On GenialSiS go to the second available tab and you’d see “Symbian Signed Certificate” at this section use the account details from the website that you such registered with. Next click the upload certificate option.

Next you’ll need to enter the Captcha letters in the verification field, you’ll then choose where to download the complete file, choose your download section and click OK. Choose Save and the file will go to the section you just chose.

Fifth Step: Next to the tab you just chose you’ll sign a “Sign SIS/SISX” tab, click on that tab and choose the files you want to sign. Next choose the profile you created earlier and gave its own name, finally click sign.

Your apps should now be signed, you can find them in the unsigned apps folder that you just placed the original files in.

It’s a pretty simple process, just make sure you follow the steps in their entirety, if you don’t you’ll have to go through the whole process again.