List of Top Nokia Themes

List of Top Nokia Themes
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What is a Theme?

All phones have a specific design for their user interface; however the default user interface can get boring after a while. Themes were created to customize the visual aspect of the phone, overriding the default settings with new ones. Themes are essentially a collection of icons, graphics, sounds and animations that make the user interface look different. The idea is to give the user the flexibility to make their phone look the way they choose.

Most themes have a particular subject, around which they are designed. Popular themes change very often, as they usually follow trends like movies, games, sporting events or celebrities.

Themes are created by different kinds of people, and therefore vary greatly from one to another: graphic artists, enthusiasts and developers all enjoy creating mobile phone themes. It is up to the user which kind of theme to install. However, users must exercise caution, because although themes are intended to be fun, they can sometimes hide malicious software.

Top Five Nokia Themes

Although there are hordes of themes available on the Internet, free for download and use, this list is a compilation of a few top ones:

[Rosa](,nokia/10723,rosa/) - This theme is definitely a feminine one, with delicate pink roses on the home screen and a pink and black colour palette used throughout. The design has been done well, with elegant icons and a sleek look overall. Every conceivable icon has received a makeover, including third-party applications like Fring. The theme is available for both Series 60 phones, and the new Nokia touchscreen ones as well.
  1. Spring Cow - Spring Cow is a whimsical theme with bright colours. The home screen has a graphic of a cow, which presumably gives the theme its name. However, the rest of the theme has a distinctly cartoonish tilt, with funny icons replacing the default ones. The icons have no relation to the application they launch, making navigation slightly hit-and-miss; for example, the Clock application is denoted by a bicycle icon, and the Contacts can be launched by selecting a beach umbrella. The theme has a few funny twists, making it rather enjoyable to use.

  2. Bla-Bla - Bla-bla may have a ridiculous name, but the theme is quite interesting. The whole theme has cartoon-style drawn elements, complete with speech bubbles and slanting lines. The icons are done in sketches which matches the overall look perfectly.

  3. Ayofe

    Ayofe - Artists obviously make the most attractive themes, and this one is no exception. The colour palette is bright and soothing at the same time, with shades of gray and sunshine yellow. The background is simple off-white with just an abstract motif. The theme is elegant and very classy.

  4. Lamour - This theme is simply beautiful, curving vines and flowers done up in graphics. The colour palette is a soft brown and white, with hints of orange. Each icon is overridden in complementary designs as well.