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Free Nokia Ringtones

There are many ways to get free Nokia ringtones. For starters, each Nokia phone comes preinstalled with a variety of ringtones. Just by navigating the personalization menu on Nokia phones, one can discover a more appealing ringtone than the default ringtone that was set at the factory.

In addition to the free ringtones that come preinstalled in Nokia phones, there happens to be an innumerable number of free ringtone websites that you can visit and download from. There is another solution - those that are up to it can actually create their own Nokia ringtones.

Types of Ringtones

To get the best out of the free downloadable Nokia ringtones, you need to be aware of the format of the free Nokia ringer tone that your phone is capable of using. Depending on the model of your phone, you may need to check with your phone manual to know whay types of ringtones your phone is capable of playing.

Ringtones in general are available in the following three distinct types.

  • Monophonic or cell phone ringtones are simply a series of musical notes that are played one note at a time. They are compatible with practically all of the mobile phones on the market and that includes Nokia phones.
  • Polyphonic ringtones are ringtones that consist of several notes that can be played simultaneously. These can number up to 16 notes. As these notes combine, the tones they produce create a harmonic sound and therefore richer sounding ringtones are produced. Smartphones and most phones released in recent years are able to use these types of ringtones.
  • Truetone ringtones also known as voice tones or “realtones” are basically audio recordings that the phone is capable of using as ringtones. These ringtones come typically in formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV or WMA. Most new and advanced phones, such as the Nokia N95 8GB, have the capability to use this type of ringtone.

Where To Get Free Ringtones For Nokia Phones

It is highly unlikely that you would get the latest hit music as a free downloadable Nokia ringtone as those songs are usually restricted by copyrights owned by record labels. That in itself tells us that most legally available free Nokia ringtones are usually tunes that are not bound by any copyright and are available in the public domain.

There so happens to be countless websites today that offer free nokia ringtones. The best way to find them is to go to your favorite search engine and do a simple search to get access to these websites.

Another source of free Nokia ringtones is through company websites. Sometimes companies will provide free ringtones usually in MP3 format that one can download and use. These are provided for promotional services and there is nothing tying you down in choosing to download these ringtones. In some cases, some of these ringtones may have to be downloaded first to a PC then transferred to your Nokia phone using the provided USB cable.

Another great source of free Nokia ringtones is right off your friend’s and associate’s phones. If you have a Nokia phone that comes with Bluetooth you can simply get your ringtones directly off another Nokia phone which supports Bluetooth connectivity.

What Should I Know Before Downloading Free Ringtones?

  • As you download ringtones you should be careful to check whether the website has rights of distribution for the ringtone. Apparently the composer of the original tune in most cases is supposed to receive royalties for the reproduction and redistribution of their tunes.
  • You need to be aware which types of ringtones your Nokia phone model supports. You dont want to spend time searching and downloading a ringtone only to find it does not work on your phone.
  • You need to be cautious about visiting untrusted websites. Some websites may offer free ringtones. Free however is relative, you may end up with malicious programs downloaded to your phone or your PC without being aware and that could end up giving you problems you did not anticipate.

Ringtones are fun to use and some may be a reflection of our individual personalities. One should be sensitive about those that are around you when choosing what content to use as a ringtone. Remember the idea is not to offend anyone every time your phone rings.