Mail For Exchange On Your Symbian Phone : Configure Your Phone to Use Microsoft Exchange Based E-mail Accounts

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A Mail for Exchange application can be found in most Symbian phones running Feature Pack 2 or later. If your workplace provides a Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007 based account you can easily configure your phone to access the service. There are many advantages of using an Exchange based account over a ordinary web based email service which I will outline in the next section.

Exchange Accounts

Microsoft Exchange based email accounts offer a large amount of storage space along with additional features such as spam protection along with the ability to sync calendar, contacts and messages. You can choose to send files such as videos and photos using the Mail for Exchange option while sending a message. This can be accessed when sending a message where you will get Via Mail for Exchange in the sending options apart from multimedia messaging and email.

Setup Mail For Exchange

Follow the steps mentioned below to setup the Mobile For Exchange application on your phone -

Step 1 : Start the Mail For Exchange application on your Symbian phone. It may be located in a folder by the name mfe.

Step 2 : Before you begin using the application create a new profile from the main menu.

Step 3 : Select the Connection option. Enter settings for each field as mentioned below -

  • In the Exchange Server field enter the URL of Microsoft Exchange Server.

  • For Secure Connection select Yes

  • Access Point: Here you can select a Wifi or local network access point.

  • In the Sync while roaming field enter No

  • Choose Yes for No Default Port.

  • Enter your username, password and domain as provided by your network administrator.

  • Select Back and choose Sync content.

  • Select Yes for Synchronise calendar, contacts and email.

  • Choose Phone Wins for In case of conflict.

  • Now you must create a Sync schedule.

  • Peak sync schedule - Here you must enter the time frequency for pushing your email.

  • Off-peak sync schedule - Here you can enter a different time frequency for non working hours.

  • In the Peak Start time, Peak end time and Peak Days fields configure a peak timing.

  • Now enter your Email Address in the next field.

  • Enable Show new mail pop-up if you want to be notified.

  • You can configure an email signature if desired.

  • Enter Signature text in the Signature field.

  • Select upto 1 week for Sync messages back.