What Nokia Phone Should I Buy?

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Building a reputation for high quality hardware is no mean feat in the competitive cell phone space. Nokia’s market share may have been slipping in recent months, but they have continued to release some great phones. The recent decline is really down to software, not hardware, and they’re about to fight back with a new line of Windows Phone 7 devices.

When it comes to hardware, Nokia is a terrific manufacturer with consistently high standards. Their devices feature great specifications and high build quality. Perhaps best of all, they produce a wide range of very affordable phones.

Their operating systems may be dated in the face of iOS and Android, but there are still some great Symbian and even Maemo and MeeGo devices that are worth checking out. While Nokia will battle back at the high end of the market with WP7 in the coming months, you can take advantage of some great hardware at low prices right now by picking up an older Nokia phone.

Since not everyone really needs, or even wants, the latest high spec smartphone, there is plenty of room for strong feature phones in the market. As we round up some of the best options here, we’ll take a look at cell phones to suit every budget.

The Nokia N9 Smartphone

Right now this is easily Nokia’s greatest smartphone, but it has only received a limited release. Chances are good that the first Nokia WP7 devices to hit the market will feature similar specs. This phone has a gorgeous touch screen, a fantastic camera and tons of storage.

Nokia N8 is Camera King

How do you like the sound of a 12 MP camera on your phone? The Nokia N8 features a stunning camera with Carl Zeiss optics and if you’re seeking a digital camera replacement it could definitely fit the bill. The rest of the specs and features aren’t too shabby either.

Nokia X7 for a Large Display

The X7 probably falls somewhere between the N9 and N8 in terms of features. The standout USP here is the large touch screen, which is 4 inches. It is vibrant and sharp, perfect for entertainment on the go.

The Nokia C7 is Sleek and Attractive

Slick and attractive design is important in a smartphone and the C7 really hits the mark. It has a great touch screen, a top quality camera and plenty of storage. Even the battery life is good. What’s the downside? Well it isn’t cheap.

The Nokia N900 Means Business

This smartphone combines speed and efficiency to offer business users a terrific mobile computing option. It runs on the Maemo platform and you can learn all about the host of features on offer in this review.

Nokia E7 is a Slick, Business Smartphone

This attractive device has a touch screen and a slide out physical keyboard that tilts the screen for optimum viewing. Backed up by an 8 MP camera and a wide array of media and navigation support, the E7 is well worth a look.

Nokia X6 for Music Fans

As part of the Xpress Music line of Nokia phones the X6 offers a range of interesting audio options and the sound quality is excellent. It also has support for navigation, email, web browsing and offers a host of other features including a 5 MP camera.

Nokia X5: It’s Hip to be Square

If you want a stand out design then the Nokia X5 might just catch your eye. This phone has a square form and slides open to reveal a physical keyboard. It comes in a wide range of colors and makes an excellent messaging device.

Nokia X2: Messaging and Music

If you like the standard BlackBerry design with a small screen and a full physical QWERTY keyboard beneath then the X2 is up your street. This phone is great for social networking on the go and it doubles up as a good digital music player.

Nokia Astound: Solid Mid-Range Option from T-Mobile

Learn exactly what the Nokia Astound has to offer in this review. It combines a touch screen, a good camera, media support and a free navigation service into a reasonably priced package.

Nokia C3 is Great for Social Networking

That classic BlackBerry design pops up again here in the budget C3. It comes in a range of colors each with a small screen and a full physical QWERTY keyboard. The hardware is fairly basic, but this phone is great for typing out quick messages and it won’t break the bank.

Nokia C2 Offers Classic Design at a Low Price

This is a great, budget, feature phone that manages to pack in a decent range of functionality for the price. The screen is a weak spot, but the phone performs well for calls, web browsing and music playback. If you just want a simple and straightforward cell phone then the C2 should appeal.

Nokia 2720 Folds Away Neatly

There may not be anything remarkable about the features of this budget phone, but the folding design is attractive and convenient. It will cover all your messaging basics and you shouldn’t need to charge it very often. This is a cheap and practical option for travellers.

Nokia E72: Another Solid Business Phone

Here’s another option for anyone seeking a full physical QWERTY keyboard and good business support. First released a few years ago, the E72 still packs a punch. It is ideal for texting and emails, it has document support, it offers voice guided navigation and it boasts a remote lock security feature.

Nokia N95 8GB: Still a Quality Option

The N95 was one of the hottest phones around a few years back and it still offers great functionality. You’ve got plenty of storage space, support for media, and a good quality 5 MP camera. You can pick one of these up cheaply now and it’s a reliable option.

As the Symbian, MeeGo and Maemo platforms are left to die out we are all excited about the forthcoming Nokia WP7 devices. The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft could change the face of the smartphone market. Stay tuned for news on the new range of Nokia smartphones here at Bright Hub.