Best Nokia Camera Phones - The Top Camera Phones from Nokia

Best Nokia Camera Phones - The Top Camera Phones from Nokia
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Nokia Camera Phones

Nokia offers a wide variety of cell phones with cameras that have resolutions all the way up to 12 megapixels. Ranging from the Nokia X2 that offers a 5 MP camera for a very affordable rate that is hard to match, all the way up to the 12 MP Carl Zeiss lens in the latest Nokia N8, that allows you to take quality pictures. Below are listed some of the best Nokia camera phones ever. You can hardly fail to be impressed by the image quality offered by the cameras in some of these cell phones.

Nokia Camera Phones - Best Camera Phones from Nokia

Nokia N8 - 12MP Carl Zeiss Lens

The best phone from Nokia to date is the Nokia N8, it boasts of not only good hardware but is also the only smartphone that has a 12MP camera. The big 3.5 inch screen comes with a 16:9 resolution and it provides great detail, allowing you to capture great moments on that fantastic 12 MP camera, all in high definition (HD). If you want a smartphone with a fantastic camera, the N8 is the best bet and even phones like the Nexus S and iPhone 4 don’t stand a chance when it comes to the N8’s awesome camera.

Sadly there is no optical zoom for the N8’s camera, just a digital 2x zoom. However, you won’t feel the disadvantage troubling you, thanks to the Xenon flash and extreme control settings helping you to capture a good picture. In all it leaves you wondering if the cell phone is made for communication or if it is made for photography.

Nokia N86 -8MP Carl Zeiss Lens

The Nokia N86 is the predecessor of the Nokia N8. Multiple features like fast mechanical shutter, recording video and capturing pictures in various file formats makes the Nokia N86 one of the best Nokia camera phones available in the market. Although the hardware of the N86 is pretty old (in terms of the speed at which the technology is advancing) it is still a good bet for the amateur photo lovers out there who cannot carry a camera all the time but want a good built-in camera in their cell phone that records videos in high definition (HD).

Nokia N97 - 5MP Carl Zeiss Lens

The Nokia N97 is a QWERTY slide phone that has excellent hardware and a brilliant display. With the 5MP camera that it houses, it is one of the best smartphones available in the market that has such an excellent camera. The 4x optical zoom and the 14x digital zoom, lets you take crisp photos and lets you capture videos at 30 frames per second (fps).

Nokia N95 - 5MP Carl Zeiss

The Nokia N95 provides a 20x zoom camera with a flash. The camera starts automatically once you slide the lens cover open. With dedicated keys for the camera, it is a very easy task to capture pictures and it allows you to easily upload images to photo sharing sites like Flickr.

Nokia X2 - 5MP

It is hard to find a cellphone that is as cheap as the Nokia X2 and comes with an awesome 5 megapixel camera. Even today not many cell phones can boast a 5 megapixel camera. Thanks to the X2 it has become very affordable to own a cell phone with such a nice camera.