Guide to Samsung Unlock Codes

Guide to Samsung Unlock Codes
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Soon after you have purchased your new Samsung GSM phone, you learn that you aren’t able to replace the SIM card of the designated carrier with that of another carrier. That is, the phone is ‘locked’ with the code of the mobile carrier you bought your handset from.

However, following some easy steps you can unlock your Samsung GSM phone, then you can easily use it with any mobile carrier across the world. Plus, you can enjoy better coverage for less money and it helps the phone gain higher resale value. The swapping of SIMs also benefits those on trips as they can get a local number on the phone.

Warning & Items Required

Samsung phone unlocking warning

Before proceeding, you should bear in mind a few things that the phone needs to get unlocked. For example; it needs a SIM card from any carrier other than the permitted one while switching over to the new carrier, though not at the start of the unlocking process.

In addition, you must be extra cautious with the correct unlocking codes for Samsung phones, if you aren’t careful about them, the phone will get permanently locked.

Warning: Entering 3 or more incorrect codes on your Samsung phones may permanently lock the phone. So, beware!

Some of the Samsung unlock codes follow in this guide but if you cannot find your phone model in the list below then it is better to get the unlock code from your mobile carrier in exchange for the IMEI number of your phone.

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a 15-to-17 digit number that tracks down an individual phone to any mobile network (GSM or UMTS).You can get your IMEI number by typing *#06# on the screen of your phone.

You also have to make sure and check whether your phone needs any NS Pro-like software. If so, then you will have to get a dongle (hardware key). The dongle is a cabled adapter with connectors on its two sides. It’s keyed to the NS Pro software installed in the phone.

Guide & Procedure

First of all, you need to insert the unaccepted SIM in the phone and switch it on. On doing so, the mobile phone asks for a code to unlock the phone (the password). Enter the password. If the phone suggests that the SIM inserted is incorrect then insert the correct code by following these steps:

  1. Insert the unaccepted SIM,
  2. Turn on the phone
  3. Type #0111*CODE#, where “CODE” stands for the unlock code of the phone.

Although the above steps hold true in most cases, there are exceptions.

Let’s say you have Samsung SGH-X495 with you, you will have to follow these steps.

  1. Insert the unaccepted SIM and turn on the phone.
  2. The phone would display ‘Wrong Card’. Just type *2767*3885#. On doing so, the phone would automatically reboot within a few seconds.
  3. After the reboot, type in *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#. The home screen will display ‘network lock personalized’.
  4. Type again #7465625*638*12341234#. The home screen will now pop out the message of ‘network lock deactivated.’

Now, you can check the lock status of the phone by typing *#7465625# and if the status says ‘lock inactive’ then your phone has been permanently unlocked. To crosscheck the same, you can also turn off the phone, remove the SIM, pop in it back again and turn on the phone. This time the phone won’t display the ‘Wrong Card’ message as it has been permanently unlocked.

The above Samsung unlock codes are also applicable to Samsung models such as E335, E635, X497, T429, T229, T319, T459, A737 and Samsung Gravity.

More Samsung Unlock Codes

If you want to unlock the Samsung SGH-E715, then:

  1. Insert the unaccepted SIM and turn on the phone.
  2. Type *#9998*3323#.
  3. Go to Exit and choose menu #7. The phone would reboot automatically.
  4. When rebooting is done, type *0141# and press Call button.
  5. Switch off the phone and insert another SIM.
  6. Turn it on again and now enter 00000000 (8 zeros).

However, in newer phones of this model, the code to be entered at this stage would be #*7337#. The same method applies to the Samsung S307, Samsung X600, X660 and Samsung X480.

Suppose you want to unlock the Samsung SGH-m100, then you will have to go with the following steps:

  1. Insert the unaccepted SIM and turn it on.
  2. Type *#9998*627837793#.
  3. Again, type *#9998*737#.
  4. Here the process takes a turn as you will have to press >/[] till the phone displays the NCK/SPCK number.
  5. When you get the NCK/SPCK number, press exit.
  6. Now, type #0111* followed by the last eight digits of the SPCK/NCK number.

And if you want to unlock the Samsung SGH-s105 model, then you will have to type *2767*7822573738# and when the rebooting is done with, type #0111*00000000#, while for s-100 and s-300, simply typing *2767*7822573738# would do.

Some other Unlocking Codes for Samsung Phones

Samsung Models Samsung Unlock Codes

SGH-P400——————————–*2767*3855# or *2767*688# or *2767*927#

Samsung SGH-S500———————–*2767*3855# or *2767*688# or *2767*927#

Samsung SGH-600—————————————-*2767*3855# or *2767*2878#

Samsung SGH-2100—————————————*2767*3855# or *2767*2878#

Samsung X450——————————————-*#9998*3323# or *2767*3855#

Samsung SGH-V200——————————————–*2767*7822573738#

Samsung SGH-a300, a400 and a800 ————————–*2767*637#

Samsung SGH-e400, e-500 and e-700————————-*2767*688#

Samsung N500————————————————-*2767*2878#

Samsung N600 and Samsung N620—————————–*2767*3855#

Samsung X100, X105, X410 and X430————————*2767*688#

Samsung X460————————————————-*2767*3855#

Samsung SGH-e400, e-500 and e-700 (new)——————-#*7337#.

Samsung SGH-S500 (new)————————————-#*7337#

Samsung E330————————————————–#*7337#

Samsung E720————————————————–#*7337#


Just follow the aforementioned steps and your Samsung GSM phone will be ready to accept any SIM from any carrier. In case, none of the steps detailed above work out, stop trying in vain as it will do nothing but damage the phone.

At this point in time, users should also be aware of the fact that the unlocked versions of Samsung GSM phones are available in the market. However, buying those versions will, undoubtedly, be more expensive than making it compatible with any other SIM yourself.

Users can also go for unlock services to look for the appropriate unlock code, as the free code that your ‘would be’ carrier provides might not work. Users can also find a lot of information, as to which Samsung unlock codes will support which phone model, on the Internet.

So, by just following the above steps accurately, and keeping the warnings in your mind all the time, you can easily unlock any Samsung phone.