Learn How to Change the Wallpaper on your Samsung Phone & Find Free Wallpaper

Learn How to Change the Wallpaper on your Samsung Phone & Find Free Wallpaper
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Customizing Wallpaper

Samsung Mobile PhonesYou have probably seen many different Samsung phones with custom wallpapers. Your friends, family and co-workers may have phones with free wallpapers. There are many websites to download free wallpapers. Once you download them, you will need to learn how to change the wallpaper on your Samsung phone.

Changing the wallpaper on your Samsung phone is a quick and easy process once you have the wallpaper images. Finding free wallpapers will require you to use the internet to search for it and download it to your Samsung phone. The process will be much easier if you have downloaded other things to your Samsung phone before such as ringtones.

Downloading a free wallpaper to your Samsung phone can be done directly from the phone or from the internet on a computer. The easiest method to download them is using the computer. You can then transfer them to your phone.

Changing the Wallpaper: Samsung Phones

Learning how to change the wallpaper on your Samsung phone is an easy process. You will need to use either a data cable, memory card or MMS message to send the wallpaper from your computer (the internet) to your Samsung cell phone. Once you have the wallpaper file on your Samsung cell phone it is an easy process to set it as the default wallpaper. This process will vary slightly based on your model of Samsung phone. If you have a touchscreen Samsung phone, tap the options rather than clicking on them.

  1. Download free Samsung Wallpaper. Search for a website where you can download free Samsung phone wallpapers with the right resolution. Try using a website such as this one which offers free phone wallpapers.
  2. Transfer the wallpaper. Transfer the wallpaper to the phone using a memory card, MMS message or the USB cable. Transfer the free Samsung wallpaper to the phone memory.
  3. Open the menu. Press the menu key to open the main menu on your Samsung phone.
  4. Open settings. Locate “Settings” and click on Settings to open the settings menu for your Samsung phone.
  5. Select Display and Light. Locate “Display and Light”. Select Display and Light to open the appropriate settings menu on your Samsung phone.
  6. Select wallpaper. Select “Wallpaper” from the menu. Now press the button that says “Images”.
  7. Find a wallpaper. Navigate to the correct folder where you have stored your free Samsung wallpaper. Select the image you wish to apply as your Samsung wallpaper and press OK.
  8. Exit the menu. Press the red end key to exit from the settings menu. Look at your background and you should now see your new wallpaper on the background of your Samsung phone.

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