Recent Reviews of Samsung Phones: The Awesome, the Mediocre and the Ugly

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The South Korean electronics giant Samsung is the biggest technology company in the world by sales. They produce a very wide range of electronics, but in this guide we’re interested in their smartphones. The mobile market is very competitive, but Samsung has always been a strong player. In recent years they have produced some of the best looking and most advanced smartphones ever released.

With the rise of the Android platform Samsung was able to claim a dominant position amongst smartphone manufacturers thanks to their Galaxy line of handsets. They are still battling the ever popular HTC for the top Android smartphone manufacturer title, but it looks like they’re winning.

If you’re thinking of buying a Samsung smartphone then look no further. In this guide we aim to lay out the top options and reveal why they are worthy of consideration. There are some fantastic cutting edge devices here, but there are also some suitable choices for anyone on a limited budget. We’ll even keep you posted on the Samsung phones to avoid. Let’s see what Samsung has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Reviewed: Simply the Best

Following on from the success of the original Galaxy S the S II is simply stunning. There is no better smartphone on the market right now than this. Learn why it deserves your attention as this review examines the design, features and performance of this awesome Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Infuse Review: Massive Touch Screen

The Infuse has an astoundingly big screen at 4.5 inches and its Super AMOLED too which makes it ideal for entertainment. With an 8 MP camera and a 1.2 GHz processor thrown into the mix this is a phone you don’t want to miss.

Samsung Exclaim: Social Networking Fun

The Exclaim is an unusual double slider with a vertically sliding keypad and a horizontal sliding full QWERTY keyboard. It should be the perfect social networking phone. Find out how it measures up in this review.

Samsung Galaxy S Reviewed: Android Success

The original Samsung Galaxy S was a landmark success for Samsung and Android. Find out what made this smartphone so special that it still represents a decent choice even today.

Samsung Fascinate: Verizon’s Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S was a hugely popular phone and part of the success of this Android series was the fact that different carriers released their own versions of it. The Fascinate is offered by Verizon and it is a solid choice. Learn all about the highs and lows of this smartphone here.

Samsung Wave II: Bada Alternative to Android

This smartphone came out a while ago now, but it does have a 1 GHz processor and a 5 MP camera amongst other things. Find out whether it is a worthy alternative to a Samsung Android phone in this review.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Reviewed - The Galaxy’s Turn to Go Pro

The Galaxy Pro is Samsung’s foray into BlackBerry territory with a form factor that includes a small touch screen with a full physical keyboard beneath it. The specs are limited, but if you’re looking for a messaging device you might want to check it out.

Samsung Gem: Budget Android Offering

The Gem was delayed for quite a while but when it finally popped up on Verizon’s Alltel it was revealed to be a striking budget Android option. Get the full lowdown on the specs and details.

Samsung Exhibit 4G Reviewed - Samsung Exhibits Greatness?

The Exhibit is something of a mixture with a decent 1 GHz processor, Android 2.3 and the ability to run on a 4G network. On the other hand it only has a 3.2 MP camera, but at this price point it is a great Android smartphone for the budget conscious.

Samsung Chrono: Super Cheap Feature Phone

This is an extremely low budget feature phone with a clamshell design. It doesn’t have great specs, but most importantly the call quality is excellent and the battery life is impressive. If you want a simple, cheap phone for calls then the Chrono should be on your shopping list.

Samsung Character Reviewed: Just Another Entry-Level Feature Phone

Not all Samsung phones are made equal and this budget feature phone with a proprietary OS is a prime example of a handset to avoid. Find out what’s wrong with it and what you should go for instead in this honest review.

Review of the Samsung Xcover B2710

There are quite a number of tough phones on the market, but few are quite as rugged as the Xcover B2710. This phone can take everything you throw at it including water and mud, you can even run it over and it will still work. Find out why this is one of the best outdoors options in this review.

Samsung Trender Reviewed: Entry Level Disaster

Samsung really has been churning out the budget options of late and the badly named Trender is one that just didn’t work. Find out what’s wrong with this Android addition to the Sprint line up.

Samsung Gravity Smart Reviewed - Failing to Put the Smart in Smartphone

You have to wonder if Samsung is making a mistake in releasing so many entry-level Android smartphones into the market. The Gravity Smart is another flawed example that’s meant to be a good texting device with a slide out physical QWERTY keyboard but it fails to impress.

Can Anything Beat the Samsung Galaxy S II?

We finish off by returning to the Samsung Galaxy S II and, in case you are wondering, the answer to the question is “no.” Find out exactly what makes the S II your best Samsung option in this comparison which pits it against the best of the competition in various categories.

That’s it for the Samsung review round-up – the awesome, the good, the bad and the ugly. What’s your favorite Samsung phone and why? Post a comment.