Samsung Galaxy S II Guide: Review, Tips, Tricks & Everything You Need to Know

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The growing adoration of Android as an operating system has really opened up the smartphone market, and there are just so many great phones to choose from now. So, you’ve heard of the Galaxy S2 and are wondering what all the fuss is about? The hype has not been exaggerated, as you can see in our reviews and comparisons of the S2 with other popular smartphones in the market.

Or maybe you have one already and really want to get the best performance out of it – who can blame you, when you pay out for a premium device you want it to pay its way. We’ve included tips, tricks and really simple stuff you can do to boost the performance and get the S2 to work the way you want it to. Advice on ever-present issues in modern smartphones such as customizing it to suit you, and preserving battery life are all included in an easy to use format, with lots of nifty tips thrown in too.

Galaxy S2 Review

The most logical first stop on our S II journey would be to take a good look at the phone and what it has to offer. This detailed review looks at every aspect of the phone from the way it looks, to the internals, how it feels to hold, to the screen resolution. Whatever you need to know about this iPhone killer, you will find it here.

Samsung Galaxy S II Vs. Motorola Atrix

Both super-hot Androids with dual core processors, but which one has the edge? The Atrix has all those cool accessories to turn it into a netbook as well as looking pretty stylish, whereas the S2 is hard to pick fault with in any department. This comparison will look at both phones to see how they compare in different areas, and you’ll find out the winner of the battle too.

Samsung Galaxy S Vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

No, you’re not seeing double, here we compare the original Galaxy with the new S2 model and see what’s changed. The S2 has a better and bigger screen, and is a more modern shape, but perhaps you prefer the curves of the original. And then of course, with the dual core processor, the S2 has a bit of an edge – except for battery life! Is it worth an upgrade?

Samsung Nexus S Vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

This time, it’s not just Android versus Android, it’s Samsung versus Samsung; one of the best manufacturers of Android handsets. Both of these options are gorgeous devices with quite a different look to them, and a strong pedigree in their original incarnations (the Google Nexus One and the Samsung Galaxy) but which one is best?

Showdown Between the HTC Thunderbolt and the Samsung Galaxy S2

Both quite different looking Androids, and different in their specs, but these phones are two of the biggest releases of 2011. Which one is the best for you? Well, that depends on what you are looking for in a phone, so this comparison looks at different aspects and chooses a winner in various categories.

HTC Sensation Vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

Another HTC comparison against the S II – this time we see how the HTC Sensation measures up against our hard to beat Samsung subject. This comprehensive versus article looks at the design and display, performance, UI, features, and then announces an overall winner.

Can Anything Beat the Samsung Galaxy S2?

So, as you’ve no doubt gathered by now, the second Galaxy phone is pretty darn hard to beat – but are there any phones out there that are better? Take a look as we compare key areas of the S2 against other popular smartphone models.

Samsung Galaxy S II - What’s the Competition?

So if this superhot Samsung release is the phone to beat in 2011, what is the competition up against it? Should everyone else just give up and declare the S2 the winner now? Let’s take a peek at some models that are yet to be released, to see if they can pose any challenge. Do any of these take your fancy?

Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps

As we all know, a smartphone is nothing without its apps, and life’s too short to install anything onto your phone without being sure that it’s one of the best. Android Market is fast catching up with the App Store in terms of numbers, but it’s also true to say that a lot of dross gets through the market doors, so see this guide to make sure you avoid the crummy apps.

Protect Your Galaxy S II with the Best Cases

For me, the biggest downside of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the back cover. This has been referred to in almost every review and I have to agree – it’s cheap feeling, looking, and honestly you do feel like when you take it off it might break at any moment. However, with a premium phone comes a premium price tag so who wouldn’t want to protect it and hide that awful back cover anyway? Dress your phone in suitable style with these options.

Samsung Galaxy Accessories that are Simply the Best

Apps aren’t the only thing that can transform your S2 into a more powerful tool – don’t forget the accessories! With a premium phone, you only want premium accessories and we’ve rounded up only the best options to accessorize your phone with style.

Samsung Galaxy S II Tips and Tricks

Of course the S2 has a plethora of tricks and tips up its sleeve, and this article will point you directly to some of the most cool. Many of them are Android tricks, but there are a good few that are very much S2 specific. Such as did you know that the phone doesn’t use one backlight for the screen? It illuminates each pixel as needed, so choose a dark and sophisticated wallpaper and you’ll save on battery power.

Samsung Galaxy S Tips and Tricks

Originally written for the Galaxy S, the advice offered in this article will be indispensable in making sure you get the most from the Galaxy S2 as well. There are great tips here from the very simple, to the more complicated, but they are all very doable, and will transform your S2 into an even more powerful and unique device.

How to Prolong the Battery Life of your Galaxy

It’s a common practice for any modern smartphone to need charging all too frequently, and the Galaxy S series is no exception. There are a good few easy measures and settings you can make to save more of that juice, without reducing your phone’s performance though – well worth a look.

How to Change the Wallpaper on Your Samsung Phone

One of the best tips in making your S2 more individual and personal to you, is to begin by changing the wallpaper. Whether you choose a photo of your own, or want to find some cool options in the Android Market, or online to use, it’s a really simple procedure – especially when you use our step-by-step guide.

So, that concludes our guide to the Galaxy S2. If you have any great tips you’d like to share then please leave a comment for us and other S2 owners below.