Top Ten Samsung Solstice Apps

Top Ten Samsung Solstice Apps
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Top Ten Samsung Solstice II Apps

The Samsung Solstice II is a low end 3G enabled capacitive touchscreen phone made by Samsung for the phone carrier network AT&T.

The following is a list of the best Samsung Solstice II apps that come pre-installed or are downloadable from AT&T. It is also possible to download other free and paid apps on the Solstice II as it comes with JAVA support.


Offering 40 channels of live or on-demand TV the MobiTV app is an excellent app for TV addicts to have on their phone.

Sports channels such as ESPN and NBC are there through the respective company’s mobile TV streaming services. Also breaking news from MSNBC, FOX News and others are available. If your favorite shows are from the channels NBC, MTV, ABC and Comedy Central you’re lucky because they are available as well.

[Download Link]


AT&T Radio allows you to listen to 400 and more radio stations on the go, which is great considering the Samsung Solstice II does not have an in-built radio.


Local stations from across the US are available or you can access a limitless selection by making personal radio stations inside the feature.

[Download Link]


The MobiVJ app is a mix of music videos, entertainment channels and up to 40 commercial free radio channels.

mobiVJ AT&T logo

As the name suggest it is essentially an on-the-go mixed entertainment app.

[Download Link]

AT&T Music (trial version)

The AT&T Music app lets you play music, stream radio stations without commercials, watch lyrics, artist bios or buy music from the artists that you enjoy listening to right on your phone.

AT&T music logo

The Song Match feature helps identify songs so you can download a song even if you don’t know the song’s name or artist.

Also the Lyric Match feature helps finds songs as soon as you write a few of the song’s lyrics.

The trial version is unlimited but lasts for three days only.

[Download Link]

Movies Powered by IMDb.

With the Movies Powered by IMDb app you will never be at a loss for information concerning movies or shows.

Movies powered by IMDB logo

Having a account allows you to purchase tickets directly from the phone, so you can simply walk into your theatre.

[Download Link]

FIM chat

An app for keeping in touch by chatting with all your Facebook contacts directly from your mobile phone.

FIM chat logo

It has a straight and easy to navigate interface that keeps all your contacts in a list.

Also you can chat with more than one friend at a time.

[Download Link]

Pilot My-Cast

Weather applications are generally non customizable, and mostly give a general report as to the prevailing weather conditions of the whole day.


Pilot My-Cast is uniquely different as it allows the user to get an immediate and accurate weather report on the spot, in a format that favors airplane pilots generally, hence the name. It can just as easily be used by people who don’t know how to fly planes and want to get an immediate weather report.

[Download Link]

Fishing My-Cast by GARMIN

A similar weather based app to the Pilot My-Cast app except it is aimed at avid fishing lovers.

FISHING MY-CAST by garmin logo

Basically used to predict fish movements using the weather this app is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of any fishing enthusiast who happens to have a Samsung Solstice.

Featuring an animated radar, forecasts, severe weather, clouds, and journaling your catch by adding what type of fish was caught when and where. You can further customize the information about fishes caught by adding in their type, girth, weight and length.

[Download Link]

The Sims 3 World Adventures

The new phone based Sims experience is available for the Samsung Solstice II.

sims 3 world adventures logo

Sims 3 World Adventures from mobile games maker EA give you the freedom to take your Sims on brand new adventures to some of the world’s most iconic places.

Included perks for your Sims, apart from actually creating them, are his/her’s persona and five traits for customizing your Sim to your heart’s content.

While playing the actual the game, the traditional up, left, right and down arrow buttons are used to move the cursor while tapping the okay button over an object allows the player to interact with it.

[Download Link]

AT&T Navigator

The AT&T Navigator app is a turn by turn GPS application that can help find the nearest restaurant, Wi-Fi hot spot, hospital and many other such services.


It also monitors traffic in real time and so if there is an accident or traffic jam you are alerted and can change route as you wish.

The trial version is fully functional but lasts for only 30 days.

[Download Link]