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Samsung are one of the top names in the mobile industry, providing ground breaking, feature rich smart phones. Where the company excels is in bringing to market mobile technologies that embrace cutting edge features and functionality, while still maintaining a high level of performance and consistency.
For the latest and greatest articles and reviews of Samsung mobile phones, Bright Hub provides impartial advice and guidance on the exceptional range of products in their product range. Delivering news and reviews on all Samsung touch screen, bar and slider phones, connectivity and multimedia options, cameras, touch screen and more. This channel explores Samsung mobile technologies, giving you the best advice on functionality, style and performance for every mobile requirement.

Samsung Galaxy R Review: Cheaper S II?

A review of Samsung’s silver medalist in the race for smartphone dominance. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S II, but it has less to offer and a cheaper price tag to match.

Breaking Through the Atmosphere – Samsung Stratosphere 4G Review

The Stratosphere is the first 4G LTE enabled smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard being offered on Verizon. While it could be mistaken for a Galaxy S 2 variant, the Stratosphere is surely not Verizon’s variant. Where exactly does the Stratosphere land in Verizon’s line up?

Boost Mobile Gets Gingerbread – A Samsung Transform Ultra Review

The Samsung Transform Ultra is the first Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) smartphone on Boost Mobile’s network. While the original Transform was released on Sprint, this particular follow up is making its debut on Boost Mobile as their main flagship smartphone. Does this flagship phone sink or float?

Samsung Galaxy S II Tips and Tricks

You have the most awesome phone and are now a bit stuck to know what to do with it? There are so many neat things it can do that are hidden beneath that tough Gorilla glass exterior, from the cool to the useful, right through to the essential, follow us on our nifty time-saving journey.

Samsung Character Review: Budget US Cellular Option for Teens

This is an affordable messaging phone offered by US Cellular. There’s a touch screen and a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. The candy bar form factor makes it look like an Android smartphone but the Samsung Character is really just a feature phone.