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Introduction to Mobile Phone Contracts in Australia

There are a loads of cell phone carriers and just as many plans in Australia. The best mobile phone contracts in Australia, unsurprisingly, belong to the country’s top carriers. A few of the top carriers include 3, Optus, Optus Business, Telstra Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and Vodafone Business. Coincidentally, some of these carriers also offer the cheapest mobile phone contracts in Australia. Looking for a phone in Australia can be a somewhat daunting task because of the number of plan options each carrier offers. For example, the carrier “3” offers 1_6_ plans and Telstra Mobile offers nearly 15 different plans. As a result, this guide will help readers narrow down their choices for the best mobile phone contracts in Australia.

Phone Devices to Select From

Similar to the United States, the world of mobile in Australia offers a variety of devices to select from. The popular phone models include BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson.

Best Plans and Contracts on 3

The cheapest mobile phone contract for “3” is $19/month. Included is 100MB of data as well as a bonus 75 minutes of talk time. The main feature is 3 to 3, where users can call any three users without minutes being affected.

The price of each mobile phone contract on 3 raises by 10$/month as the data and minutes needed increase. For $69.99/month, 2 gigabytes of data are provided and only a twelve month commitment is necessary–compared to the twenty-four months required by most carriers.

Best Plans and Contracts on Optus

Optus and Optus Business offer the iPhone, resulting in a need for greater data packages. The cheapest mobile phone contract offered by Optus is $19.99/month for 75 minutes; however, for $29.99/month, users in Australia will be able to access Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Ebay, and Foursquare without affecting the data cap allotted. Also, users on the same account will be allowed to make free 5-minute phone calls. The most expensive plan is the $129 Timeless Extreme, with no limit on minutes or data.

Best Plans and Contracts on Telstra Mobile

The cheapest Telstra Mobile phone contract available is $49.99/month, including 1 GB of data. Telstra Mobile also features a specialized BlackBerry Pear Cap bundle ranging from $59, $89, and $109 per month. For basic Telstra Mobile users, a two-year contract can be purchased for $20/month–this includes a very basic 2MB data plan.

Best Plans and Contracts on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile, true to its name, offers four different types of mobile phone contracts: Big Cap 29, Smart Cap (29-59), Easy Cap (19-49), and 89 Topless. The 89 Topless plan offers unlimited minutes and 4GB of data.

Best Plans and Contracts on Vodafone Mobile

Vodafone Mobile offers the affordable $19/month capped contract, limiting the user to only 100 MB of data monthly. The $45/month plan is convenient as it offers unlimited minutes; however, data is capped at 1GB. The $100 Infinite BlackBerry plan features unlimited minutes and 2 GB of data. The $100 Infinite Plan (not BlackBerry) is Unlimited Minutes and 4GB of data per month.


Ultimately, the popularity of the mobile industry has become a global phenonemon and has been for years. The cream of the crop devices, such as the Apple iPhone and business phones such as BlackBerry are wildly popular in countries such as Australia. Compared to the United States, there are a lot more options when looking for the best mobile phone contracts in Australia. Due to the myriad options available, even the top carriers in Australia can offer the cheapest mobile phone contracts.

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